The geeks in the watch are recommended by three eclectic personalized watches

In addition to the practical value of daily viewing, the watch will also be used as a collection to wear accessories or play. Today, the watch family is going to introduce the three watches for you. They refuse to follow the trend, and the bold design of the exterior design is a representative of the “rebellious” in the watch.

Athens watch whimsy series 2053-32/03 watch

Watch Comments: This Freak Out watch is made of titanium and equipped with a UN-205 homemade hand-wound movement. There is neither a dial nor a pointer, and the watch displays time through the movement of the movement. The lower deck is connected to the center of the watch like an hour display, while the upper deck contains a set of gears, a hairspring and a unique two-way  crystal escapement for the Athens watch, which is extremely recognizable.

 Roger Dubuis EXCALIBUR (king series) RDDBEX0750 watch

Watch Comments: The Excalibur Huracán watch is the second important series after Roger Dubuis and Lamborghini. The watch is made of a combination of anti-allergic, low-corrosion titanium and 18K gold. It is designed with many aesthetic features of Lamborghini. The bezel is a unique triangular crater of the King’s collection with black digital hour markers. The iconic carbon atom hexagon of the Huracán super-run is applied to the watch for a strong visual impact. The 12 o’clock position has a 12-degree tilting balance design, and the structure of the suspension system fixed on the balance wheel bridge is more conspicuous. At 6 o’clock, there is a calendar window displayed in the car chronograph font. It can be said that it is a Lamborghini worn on the hand.

Hublot BIG BANG series 418.NX.1107.RX.MXM19 watch

Watch Comments: This year’s new Big Bang Sang Bleu II tattoo watch is made of titanium. The dial uses a sophisticated line design to create a three-dimensional visual experience. The dial is divided into a 60-minute outer dial, a 12-hour inner dial and two sub-dial. The pointer element consists of two narrow diamonds, two hexagons, and a straight and slender pointer. A hexagonal chronograph minute hand was placed at the 3 o’clock position and the 9 o’clock position of the dial to rotate in the two small discs on the dial. The straight, slender hand is a chronograph second hand that rotates around the 60-minute outer dial. Do you understand this tattoo watch made with geometric figures?

       Summary: The above three watches are based on the ordinary watch based on the bold and avant-garde innovative design. The style is simple but unique. But at the same time, their prices are also more expensive. If you are looking for a distinctive watch that is different, they may be your choice.

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