The geeks in the watch are recommended by three eclectic personalized watches

In addition to the practical value of daily viewing, the watch will also be used as a collection to wear accessories or play. Today, the watch family is going to introduce the three watches for you. They refuse to follow the trend, and the bold design of the exterior design is a representative of the “rebellious” in the watch.

Athens watch whimsy series 2053-32/03 watch

Watch Comments: This Freak Out watch is made of titanium and equipped with a UN-205 homemade hand-wound movement. There is neither a dial nor a pointer, and the watch displays time through the movement of the movement. The lower deck is connected to the center of the watch like an hour display, while the upper deck contains a set of gears, a hairspring and a unique two-way  crystal escapement for the Athens watch, which is extremely recognizable.

 Roger Dubuis EXCALIBUR (king series) RDDBEX0750 watch

Watch Comments: The Excalibur Huracán watch is the second important series after Roger Dubuis and Lamborghini. The watch is made of a combination of anti-allergic, low-corrosion titanium and 18K gold. It is designed with many aesthetic features of Lamborghini. The bezel is a unique triangular crater of the King’s collection with black digital hour markers. The iconic carbon atom hexagon of the Huracán super-run is applied to the watch for a strong visual impact. The 12 o’clock position has a 12-degree tilting balance design, and the structure of the suspension system fixed on the balance wheel bridge is more conspicuous. At 6 o’clock, there is a calendar window displayed in the car chronograph font. It can be said that it is a Lamborghini worn on the hand.

Hublot BIG BANG series 418.NX.1107.RX.MXM19 watch

Watch Comments: This year’s new Big Bang Sang Bleu II tattoo watch is made of titanium. The dial uses a sophisticated line design to create a three-dimensional visual experience. The dial is divided into a 60-minute outer dial, a 12-hour inner dial and two sub-dial. The pointer element consists of two narrow diamonds, two hexagons, and a straight and slender pointer. A hexagonal chronograph minute hand was placed at the 3 o’clock position and the 9 o’clock position of the dial to rotate in the two small discs on the dial. The straight, slender hand is a chronograph second hand that rotates around the 60-minute outer dial. Do you understand this tattoo watch made with geometric figures?

       Summary: The above three watches are based on the ordinary watch based on the bold and avant-garde innovative design. The style is simple but unique. But at the same time, their prices are also more expensive. If you are looking for a distinctive watch that is different, they may be your choice.

Tanabata Valentine’s Day Come to Beijing SKP to be the most romantic man

The annual Valentine’s Day is coming again. Are you ready for the Chinese Valentine’s Day gift? How can you emerge in the fancy show’s big army and become the most romantic one? Today, the watch family recommends to you a collection of delicious, fun and beautiful dating spots – Beijing SKP.

       In this warm and romantic August, Beijing SKP, the high-end fashion department store in Beijing, launched the “SKP Jewelry Watch Festival” event, and multiple surprise events were presented. Why don’t you take this “good opportunity”, take a lover to visit, eat a delicious candlelight dinner, and pair it with a pair of exquisite couple watches, who can resist this romantic Qixi?

Blancpain Blancpain

Recommended reason: Blancpain’s Fifty Fathoms series is highly popular, which is inseparable from the brand’s exquisite craftsmanship and elegant design. This Blancpain Fifty Fathoms full moon phase flies back to the chronograph. In the design of the sporty appearance, the connotation of the moon phase display function and the flyback timing function are more ingenious. The iconic Blancpain moon face is lively and interesting, and Blancpain’s ladies’ watch is equally beautiful. The soft curve design on the dial of the Blancpain watch on the right brings out the lady’s slim body. The 152 pieces of diamonds on the bezel are double-circle design, which interacts with the rose gold case, highlighting the delicate and full design aesthetic of the watch.

       Jaquet Droz Jacques Del

Recommended reason: Jacques de Rodriguez’s watch design is full of enjoyable, and the brand’s iconic 8-character dial adds a unique and mysterious flavor to the brand. Compared with the ordinary large second-hand watch, this silver two-seat large second-hand watch has increased the five continents plan and the 24-hour original place of residence display in the original large second hand. The wet spray process makes the map more undulating. The elegant 8 series ladies’ watch on the right is made of synthetic ruby ​​heart with a dial set with 68 diamonds and a buckle set with 23 diamonds. Elegant and noble, the value is impressive, only limited to 28.

       Roger Dubuis Roger Dubuis

Recommended reason: The strong pioneering design of Roger Dubuis’s King series is reflected in every watch. This men’s watch is crafted from a solid black DLC titanium case with a classic “Astral Skeleton” to create a three-dimensional visual effect. The women’s watch on the right side is also made of black DLC titanium alloy with 48 white diamonds on the bezel. The time-scale design on the dial is unique and novel, highlighting the purity and youthfulness of women.

       Vacheron Constantin Vacheron Constantin

Recommended reason: Vacheron Constantin, as a luxury watchmaking brand, has been building extraordinary timepieces since 1755. This heritage series double retrograde display watch is the first blue model of the series, which is matched with 18K 5N pink gold to show the elegant gentleman style. When the pointer with the arrow goes to the end, it can return instantly, and the fun and movement of the dial is played. The women’s watch on the right side of the Creative Time series is a glimpse of a luxurious, sparkling wristband. The dial is inlaid with diamonds. The classic Roman numerals are displayed at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock.

       OMEGA Omega

Recommended reason: This year is the 50th anniversary of Omega Speedmaster’s moon landing, and several unique Super master watches are very eye-catching. This Omega Speedmaster is made of black ceramic for the case, the chronograph hands are decorated with yellow lacquer, and the speed scale is covered with Super-LumiNova luminous coating. The blackened hollow dial is like the moon that people observe from the earth. The Ladymatic women’s watch on the right is equipped with a white mother-of-pearl dial with a ray pattern. The dial has a diamond hour scale. The bezel and bracelet links are embellished with a large number of diamonds in a snowflake inlay to show the unique charm of women.

       Panerai Panerai

Recommended reason: This Panerai Sneak Series watch is the latest model of the first anti-magnetic watch. Thanks to the soft iron special inner shell, a special screen is formed for the watch to isolate the movement from the magnetic field flow. A matte black ceramic disc with a rotating titanium-embellished bezel. The bezel will only rotate counterclockwise to avoid interference with the calculation of the dive time due to accidental shock, and the waterproof depth is 300 meters. On the right, the LUMINOR DUE series watch, 38 mm diameter, 11.2 mm thickness, with a lively pretty green strap, is fresh and suiwatch for ladies who like large diameters.


Recommended reason: Rolex’s log-type watches, whether aesthetic or functional, are classics that can withstand the torrent of the times. Different types of log-type watches can still maintain a unique aesthetic style after years of baptism. The right-hand women’s log type is only 28 mm, which is very suiwatch for women with elegant wrists.

        Longines Longines

Recommended reason: This Longines pioneer series men’s watch is 40 mm in diameter and the silver sun-patterned dial is decorated with 12 bar-shaped hour markers. Equipped with the L888.4 self-winding mechanical movement to maintain precise travel performance. The women’s watch on the right side is 26 mm in diameter, with a diamond-encrusted case and a white mother-of-pearl dial with 12 diamond hour markers. Equipped with the L592.4 self-winding mechanical movement, both watches are certified by the Swiss Observatory for “precision timers”.

Recommended six or seven thousand can buy watches

The following watches are worth between 60000-79999.

Carl F. Bucherer Manero series watch 60,000 yuan.

The highlight of this watch is the movement, Carl F. Bucherer’s own CFB A2050 movement, which is the first functional movement of the CFB 2000 series, with central hour and minute hands, small seconds hand and date display. The power reserve is about 55 hours. It can be normal when you are not wearing it for 2 days. This 60,000 piece is a stainless steel case with a diameter of 40.6 mm and a crocodile leather strap that is water-resistant to 30 meters.

Bulgari Octo series All Black special edition, 61,000 yuan.

This all-black OCTO series makes it easy to notice that its “Maori tattoo” pattern dial is cool, and the whole watch is “blackened”. The 41 mm steel case is highly wear-resistant by DLC. Handle, rubberized crocodile leather strap with stainless steel Ardillon vintage buckle with a black diamond-coated carbon coating, 100m waterproof. Equipped with the brand-made BVL193 self-winding mechanical movement, double barrel, 50-hour power reserve.

Omega Constellation Series Zunba Annual Calendar, 63,000 yuan.

Zumbo is the star product of Omega last year. It has been upgraded this year and its diameter has been expanded to 41 mm. The “Pan-Pan” design has practical functions. The different faces of the “Pan-Pan” are used for the month pointing, each on the dial. The months are accurately marked in the middle of the blue scale, indicated by the blue lacquer pointer. The case is made of stainless steel and the grooved bezel uses scratch-resistant tungsten carbide. Most importantly, it is also the world’s first watch for the Observatory, with an attendance certificate for the Observatory.

Athens Marine Diver diving watch, 63,200 yuan.

As a diving watch, it has the characteristics of the diving watch: the screw-in crown and the back of the watch to achieve waterproof 300 meters; one-way reverse diving chronograph bezel to avoid accidental adjustment of the diving time. With a diameter of 44 mm, the extra-large hour markers and hands are displayed in white luminous and red lines, which are clearly legible. At 6 o’clock, there is an extra-large second hand. The claw-shaped rubber embossing on the crown ensures that after diving gloves are worn. You can also hold the crown. Equipped with UN-26 self-winding movement, power reserve for 42 hours. In addition to the timekeeping function, there is also a calendar window at 6 o’clock and a power reserve display at 12 o’clock. The watch is made of stainless steel case with a rubber or stainless steel chain strap.

What is the meaning of Omega watches?

Omega produced a 19-year movement from the beginning and made the move into a pocket watch with a weight of 19. Because the movement of this pocket watch is the most important movement in the history of Omega, the name of the 19-caliber movement is called “Omega.” The reason why Omega is called Omega is because of this movement.

We know that the names of luxury goods are very elegant and have their own sources. For example, LV and Armani used the name of the founder; Glashütte used the name of the brand. Omega, the name of a movement, is used as the brand name.

This movement is the 19-odd “Omega” movement produced by Omega from the beginning. Therefore, without the 19-caliber movement, there is no Omega today. The story is as follows, the fans, especially the European fans can understand.

Omega watch

1. Dismantled 19-caliber movement

In 1848, the founder of Omega opened a small workshop to produce a movement. As the movement is doing well, it is gradually becoming famous. In 1894, the workshop made a very cattle movement, 19 movements (so that it was a length unit, 1 order about 2.26 mm, the antique movement used to name the movement with the movement scale). There are two of the 19 most violent local movements. First, it uses a new product specification.

Each part of the 19-period movement is produced according to strict scale accuracy specifications. The standard supply of moving parts is very convenient for assembling and replacing parts. It is suitable for large-scale production and the concept is very advanced. At the time, the general movement, because there is no such standardization of production, is a person to do a movement, a persona norm, for people, the accuracy of the scale of the parts is not right. Second, the 19-caliber movement can use a crown to wind the watch and adjust the time. As you may know, many pocket watches used key windings.

These two brothers are the founders of modern Omega and named the company “Omega”

2, 19 What is the movement of the movement?

19 movements of 43.2 mm, 6.55 mm thick, using bimetal temperature compensation balance, blued steel hairspring, swing frequency of 18,000 times/hour, power storage for 38 hours. The 19th movement began in 1894. The official information was discontinued in 1923, but information indicates that some of the 19 types of movements have been used in 1931.

The Omega 19 makes the movement through the decoration from scratch. Now in order to remember the 125th anniversary of the name “Omega”, Omega has once again produced the 19th movement from scratch. The 19-caliber movement of Omega from scratch is to take out the 19-caliber movement parts stocked in the Omega Museum and polish it from scratch. Before I went to the 4S shop to maintain the car, the 4S shop said that like the discontinued car, the stored parts can be supplied for many years of maintenance. This reminds me that, like Omega’s 18-period chronograph movement, 321 chronograph movement, 19-caliber movement, these antique movements should have some parts in Omega.

Among the 19-volume movements produced from the beginning, the movement splint, escapement, balance wheel (bimetallic temperature-compensated balance wheel, modern watch does not need such a balance wheel now) and other parts are all antique parts of the inventory, through the de novo Continue to use after polishing. The bearings and sleeves in the movement are newly produced, and the gear trains of the movement are denominated from the head according to the modern transmission ratio.

We can notice that the speed of the 19-volume movement produced from scratch is very special, similar to the shape of a “snail”. This type of speed and slow needle, as long as you can see it on the antique watch, the current mass production watch movement, is now not seen. The part that produced the 19-permanence movement from the beginning is the part of the Omega Central Tourbillon and the 18-caliber manual chronograph, which represents the highest level of Omega.

Omega recently launched three kinds of antique movements from the beginning, from top to bottom, respectively, 18-order chronograph movement, 321 chronograph movement, 19-caliber movement

In recent years, Omega has shown its strong strength not only in the main watch but also on the hippocampus, super-master, constellation and disc flying, relying on the new model of the 8900/8800 movement. Omega also has a lot of big moves on the antique watch. It includes the 18-time chronograph movement from 19, the 19-caliber movement, and the 321 chronograph movement that announced the debut of the antique moon landing on the moon. It is definitely the earthquake of the world (the 321 movement is the most famous manual winding in the watch industry). The chronograph movement has not only been on the moon, but also the major brands of PP and VC have been used).