Omega Sea Master Series Diving Men’s Mechanical Watch

Today, I will recommend two Omega Seamaster series diving watches for everyone. I hope everyone likes it! First of all, let’s take a look at the Omega watch brand. Omega is an internationally renowned Swiss watch brand, which is loved by people all over the world and has a good reputation! The quality and performance of the watch are very good, and it is not too late. Let’s look at the watch!

Omega Omega-Hippo Series Men’s Mechanical Watch

300m chronometer watch, steel case with a steel bracelet. Features: Swiss official observatory certification, date display, exhaust gas valve, limited release, screw-in crown, transparent case back, crystal mirror, round double-sided anti-reflective anti-wear sapphire crystal. Case steel case, black dial, waterproof 300 m (1000 ft) size, case diameter 41 mm. Omega 2507 coaxial movement with a “bullet” decoration on the pendulum, with automatic rotation. Self-winding chronometer watch with the rhodium-plated surface. Power reserve 48 hours power reserve.

In 2011, Omega upgraded the entire sea master marine, universe family. Like every previous Ocean Cosmic watch, the new model features a one-way rotating bezel and a helium-filled valve that is water-resistant to 600 meters and is ready to explore the underwater world with you. The new Omega Seamaster Ocean Cosmic Watch is a perfect blend of the stunning seascape of Capri, Italy. Each new sea master series of marine cosmic watches is equipped with Omega’s self-produced coaxial movement and silicon hairspring, which is accurate and reliable. Therefore, Omega provides four years of after-sales service guarantee for each of these watches.

Omega-Hematoma series Men’s mechanical watch sea master AQUA TERRA chronograph, steel case with leather strap, features: 24-hour two-time time zone display, timing function, date display, screw-in crown, two-way Rotating bezel, Swiss official observatory certification, small seconds dial, transparent case back, crystal mirror, round double-sided anti-reflective anti-wear sapphire crystal case steel case dial white waterproof 150 m (500 ft) Case diameter 44 mm movement Omega 3603 automatic winding coaxial chronograph movement, equipped with longitudinal wheel timing device and cardless balance spring, with more durable precision and stability. The 24-hour hand can indicate the second time zone. 12 hours and 30 minutes timing small dial, start/stop button, zero buttons. The surface is rhodium-plated and finished with gold-plated engraving. Awarded the Swiss Official Observatory. Power reserve 52 hours

I don’t know if you like these two series of sea master watches. The favorite watchers are not just heartbeat, you have to act!

2019 New Sea Master, New Super master, New Fifty Fathoms… Which One Do You Like The Most?

Now, Time to Move has officially opened, including brands such as Breguet, Blancpain, Jacques Del Roque, Omega and other Swatch Groups. Let’s take a look at some of the more popular works.


2019 is the 50th anniversary of Omega Speedmaster’s moon landing. We said at the end of last year that Omega must make a big fuss. At this exhibition, Ou Ji launched a limited edition of the 50th anniversary of the Super Apollo.

This super-master uses the Cal.3861 caliber, which is actually in line with the Cal.1861 caliber, but with more coaxial escapement, stop-second function, 0~5 sec/day precision, 15,000 Gauss anti-magnetic, and other technology bonuses.

The case is made of steel, and the 9-point sub-dial is engraved with the motif of the astronaut Aldrin on the moon in the 18K moonlight gold unique to Omega (when he was wearing the superbike on the moon), the bezel scale It is the other exclusive material of Omega, Ceragold (made of red gold + ceramic). Over the back of the watch, you can also see the famous footprint that Armstrong left on the moon.

The diameter of the watch is 42mm, and it is stored for 48 hours. The limited-edition is 6,969 pieces and the price is US$9,650, which is about 67,000 yuan.

Another heavyweight new model is the sea master 300M chronograph. This new work is made up of a variety of colors and materials to form a variety of versions, the main materials are steel and various alloys.

Depending on the material, the new sea master 300M chronograph uses a Cal.9900 or Cal.9901 movement with a column wheel for 60 hours. In other respects, the Master Observatory certification, coaxial escapement, 15,000 Gaussian antimagnetic, etc.

Thanks to the addition of the timing components, the size of this watch is larger than the larger three-needle version of the sea master 300M, 44mm, with ceramic buttons and drain valves. The dial is also used on the dial. I personally like this design very much. I hope Omega can continue.

As mentioned earlier, there are many versions of this watch, such as steel shell + blue ceramic disc + blue ceramic ring; steel shell + black ceramic disc + black ceramic ring … and so on, the strap also has various combinations of steel belt, rubber belt, etc. I am afraid that the ten fingers are not enough, and the length is limited, so I will not say them one by one.

guess what is this?

The version is different, the price is different, the minimum starting price is 6,600 euros, about 50,000 yuan. When is the listing not yet determined?

The third popular item is Butterfly Flying. There are two versions, one is a Sedna gold case with a gray enamel dial, and the other is a steel case with a blue dial. 40mm size, arched sapphire crystal, very retro.

The steel shell version uses the cal.8910 movement, and the gold shell version uses the cal.8929 movement (the same as the 125th-anniversary butterfly), which is hand-wound, certified by the Master Observatory, equipped with Omega Mainstream technology, storage for 72 hours.

The price of the steel shell is 6,000 Swiss francs, which is about 40,000 yuan; the price of the gold shell is 13,900 Swiss francs, about 100,000 yuan.


Let’s take a look at another popular brand, Blancpain. At this exhibition, Blancpain released two new Fifty Fathoms. The first is called “Nageurs de Combat” and is the name of the French elite diving unit.

The reason for this is that the Fifty Fathoms was inspired by the first Fifty Fathoms of the year, and the first Fifty Fathoms was developed for the supply of French diving forces. Taking this name is to pay tribute to history. The diver’s badge authorized by the French forces is also engraved on the back of the watch.

With a diameter of 45mm and satin-brushed steel case, it is equipped with a 1315 self-winding movement and 5 days of power reserve. Very typical of a fifty baht, and quite historical. Limited to 300 pieces, the price is unknown.

The second fifty is called “Barakuda”, which is more interesting. Its prototype comes from the 50-year-old watch exclusively for the German navy and the civilian market in the 1960s. The diameter of the watch is 40mm, and the rectangular time scale of the size is used, and the worn effect is added, which is very flavorful.

The movement is an 1151 movement, which is stored for 100 hours. There is a cute little opening on the oscillating weight. Comes with a rubber strap. Only 500 pieces, the price is also unknown.

In addition to the diving watch, Blancpain also has a pilot watch, such as this new air commander. The prototype comes from the military watch that Blancpain made for the US Air Force in the 1950s. Unfortunately, this watch was not very successful in history, and its reputation is not great.

Now, Blancpain re-engraved this model with a diameter of about 42.5mm, a two-way ceramic bezel, old scales, and hands.

Equipped with the F388B movement (actually from the Frederic Piguet 1185 movement), equipped with vertical clutch, column wheel, and silicon balance spring, the vibration frequency is very high, reaching 5Hz. Store for 50 hours. Open the back of the watch and you can also see the fun propeller-shaped oscillating weight.

The watch is limited to 500 pieces and sells for CHF 18,500, or about RMB 126,000.

Glashütte Original

GO is coming out of a new series! The new series, called “Specialist”, is GO’s fifth product line, and its first release is the new SeaQ diving watch at the show.

There are three SeaQs this year. The first was called SeaQ 1969, inspired by the 1969 GO’s Spezimatic Type RP TS 200 diving watch. The diameter of the watch is increased from 36mm to 39mm in the original version, and the appearance is generally the same. The scale is deliberately used for old processing. In addition, the pointer is also painted with a green luminous scale, which is consistent with the 1969 prototype. This watch is limited to 69 pieces.

The second is a non-limited version of SeaQ, which is similar in appearance to SeaQ 1969, but the pointer is not green.

Both models are equipped with the Calibre 39-11 self-winding movement, which is stored for 40 hours and has the same diameter. The back of the watch is engraved with a trident pattern, a GO pattern and 20 wavy lines (representing a water-resistant depth of 200 meters). Available in steel, rubber and nylon straps.

The third one is called “SeaQ Panorama Date” and the translation is a big calendar. Available in black and blue, the biggest feature is that there is a large calendar window at 4 o’clock.

This watch is equipped with GO 36-13 movement, stored for 100 hours, equipped with a silicon hairspring, the diameter of 43.2mm, steel shell. There are also 3 straps available.

In addition to these popular styles, “Time to Move” also released many new watches from the Swatch Group brands such as Breguet and Jacques Del Roque.

Sea Master Tour New York

This watch comes from Omega and is a very special “special” series of Omega.

It is it – the Omega Sea-master Series New York special limited edition watch.

Just recently, Omega released the special limited edition watch of the sea master series in New York, which is consistent with the world’s greatest city.

This watch is limited to 399 pieces and is only available in New York’s omega (Big Apple). Each watch has its own number. This watch is to pay tribute to this city that never sleeps. Sexual city skyline, through the back of the watch, can be seen through the Caliber 8800 caliber certified by the Observatory, laser-engraved New York landmark building;

These include the Statue of Liberty, the Manhattan Bridge, the Waldorf Astoria, the Rockefeller Center, and the Empire State Building; the charm of this limited edition watch is in the details, not just the skyline.

The Grey dial has a slightly dome-shaped and lacquered finish that accentuates the gradient. The date window is at six o’clock, the date wheel matches the color of the dial itself, and the Omega logo and time index are made of white gold.

This watch collection is based on the sea master collection and is designed for five global central cities; it is available in five editions in Paris, London, Singapore, New York, and Switzerland, and features a signature dial for each cultural capital.

Capturing the spirit of the “world capital” is not an easy task, especially in the “space” of only 39.5 mm.

But this “New York” has achieved great achievements in a small space.

In addition to the obvious skyline, platinum and subtle touch enhance the low-key charm of this limited-size sea master in New York. The dial is elegant and stylish, and it reminds everyone of the fog that first came to New York.

It is easy for people to build deep feelings and affinity for the city. Is there any better way to wear it than to wear it?

The urban version is very special in the modern sea master series because they draw on the aesthetics of the 1940s. Over time, the sea master series has become the most important “pillar” of the Omega brand. Designing such a city version allows us to see it most. Elegant bloodline.

This sea master New York version only produced 100 at first, but considering the geographical location it represents and it is loved by people, it has achieved 399.

My Omega Sea-master Series Tour

For a long time, most Chinese people like jade wen wan. Gradually, more and more people like watches, even if the price is generally higher than wen wan. It is a pleasure to buy a watch. After a long period of exploration, inquiry, choice, entanglement, and hesitation, I finally decided to buy the Omega Hippocampus 2504.30.00 men’s mechanical watch in my mind. All this seems to be complete. However, after purchasing this watch, I found out that this was just the beginning.

The more you understand, the more you understand, the watch is actually consumable. In our use, it is constantly depreciated. In order to allow it to “serve” for a longer period of time, I need to maintain it regularly, even on a daily basis. When you wear it, you need to be careful.

The Omega Hippocampus Warranty has an expiration date, and most brands are currently covered by a two-year warranty, including quartz watches and mechanical watches. To a certain extent, quality assurance also reflects the brand’s confidence in quality. In 2014, the Omega Hippocampus series developed the quality of the movement and launched the certification to the Observatory. The warranty for the new Observatory certified watch was increased to 4 years. It is a good thing for us to improve the warranty period. After all, you can enjoy a longer warranty service time, which means that your watch can get up to 4 years warranty, which means you can save a lot of money.

Omega Seahorse

Purchase this Omega hippocampus series, the information and accessories are complete, including the above two certificates, proof of a quality/certificate of origin and warranty card. The former is a very important anti-counterfeiting mark. All the fake watches can imitate the appearance of the brand watch, the movement and even many details. Nowadays, many brands integrate the quality certificate and warranty service card together. When you buy a watch, you can activate it and enjoy a series of brand free services.

Today, the most important dozens of watch brands in the watch industry are mainly distributed among several groups, such as Lifeng, Swatch, Kaiyun, Rolex, Seiko, Citizen, and Guangcheng watches. Each group has its own After-sales regulations, different brands under the group will be slightly different. Omega hippocampus series is no exception. Generally speaking, the warranty covers several aspects, that is, the brand does not provide warranty on the appearance of parts, depreciation of normal use, damage of the movement’s non-self quality problems (such as man-made, accident, force majeure factors). Wait). Most brands only provide warranty for the movement. In addition, there are some additional clauses. For example, if the waterproof watch does not perform the waterproof test within the specified time, then if there is a problem, the warranty service will not be provided. Therefore, when you buy a watch, it is best to understand the attached quality assurance instructions so that you can identify the rights you have.

How do you like this Omega hippocampus series? Whether it is quality or appearance, it is my heart.