Omega mechanical watch error standard _ What is the normal error of Omega?

What is the error standard for Omega mechanical watches?

Omega watch error tolerance is 30 seconds/day, the average error of the Observatory-certified movement is between -4 seconds/day to +6 seconds/day, the specific error according to the movement of the Omega watches The reason is that the higher the price, the smaller the error of the Omega watch. The power source of the Omega mechanical watch is the swing of the wearer’s wrist to generate energy to wind the spring. A fully-rolled Omega mechanical watch can last for about 36 hours: if it is normal to wear every day, If it is operated for about 15 hours, if it is not worn or shaken for more than the above time, it will cause the Omega watch to stop. Before wearing it again, it should be wound on the Omega watch.

When talking about a car, you might talk about the acceleration problem. When you talk about a mobile phone, you will look at battery life and memory data. But when you talk about a watch, its accuracy is not a place for publicity.

Because mechanical watches are physical factors, there will always be errors. Therefore, it is normal to have a few seconds per day. It takes more than 80,000 seconds to go, and the watch with an error of 10 seconds is very accurate. But when we spend tens of thousands or more to buy a watch, we still nitpickingly want it to be accurate for a second or two. Why?

The accuracy of the watch is a kind of talk

Just as we discuss the income of the workplace, the speed of the car, and the endurance of the phone, we will regard this function as a convention. In fact, the tourbillons produced by major brands can indeed improve performance, but they are limited to the case where the (generally stationary) balance is vertically aligned. On the watch, the tourbillon is difficult to achieve because the wearer has been moving his wrist in various ways. How many hundreds of thousands of newly purchased tourbillon mechanical watches will be more accurate than just tens of thousands of watches without a tourbillon?

In many cases, it does not. The appearance of the tourbillon’s watch must look taller and cooler, so having this kind of “cool” has become a kind of talk.

The accuracy of the watch itself is a hard indicator

Any international or professional standard for watches must involve the concept of precision. All the powerful watch factories and organizations are constantly updating the standards because of the improvement of modern watchmaking technology.

For example, the Precision Timepiece Observatory certification standard, the movement certification test must be controlled at -4/+6 seconds a day. Rolex’s top-level observatory certification, updated in 2015, requires an average daily difference of -2/+2 seconds after the watch is assembled. In 2017, Patek Philippe has improved the accuracy of watches too -1/+2s per day in the watch of the most advanced technology research topics. The Patek Philippe imprint, which was used in 2009, requires accuracy of -3/+2s per day.

However, we must also be clear that the accuracy of the watch, in addition to its own quality, has a lot to do with the daily wearing habits of the watch friends. We should not tangle the accuracy of the watch to the accuracy of the zero error every day.

The accuracy of the watch can not be a measure of the value of a watch. In the mature environment of modern watchmaking technology, we can control the precision to a very subtle level, and then it is of little significance.

Accuracy is the basis for us to judge whether the watch has problems.

At the same time, it is worth noting that the accuracy of a watch is often a reference for us to determine whether it needs repair and maintenance. Most watch friends do not configure the watch’s testing equipment at home. When a watch is worn properly if the watch is found to go faster and sometimes slower, the most direct performance is that the daily error is very unswatch, then We can basically judge that there is a problem with the watch. It needs to be tested. It may be magnetic. It may be because there is a problem inside the bump.

The better the overall consumer feels, the higher the accuracy of the movement. Usually, it is also true that consumers themselves discover the brands they believe most, such as Rolex.

Accuracy is of great significance to the brand

From the brand point of view, the accuracy of the watch is a good propaganda point to establish a brand image. The higher the precision, the better the watchmaking level. Rolex dares to publicly claim that its top-level observatory-certified watches can reach a daily error of -2/+2s per day, after a series of simulated wearing tests, and Rolex’s annual output is close to one million watches so that so many watches can achieve this precision. It is really shocking, and Rolex has done it, this is its value.

People in the watch industry often say that “people wear watches no longer to see the time.” Throughout history, any major watchmaking technological innovations are dedicated to further improving the performance of watches. For watchmakers, precision is the belief. And for us, in fact, it doesn’t matter if the watch is a few seconds a day, so the accuracy of the watch we talk about is more about the connection between the watch and our daily life.

What is the law of men’s dress watch matching?

For women, cosmetics and clothing have a natural appeal, and for men, the most attractive is nothing more than two, one is to let yourself experience the driving pleasure and can fill the facade of the car, and the other is to cultivate the sentiment Some small items such as bracelets, walnuts, and watches.

Among these treasures, the watch is undoubtedly the most fashionable and practical. Although the watch is beautiful, it is also a decorative object. When attending the event and putting on the formal dress, it must also be accompanied by a decent watch. How to match the neat appearance is a headache. The following is the men’s dress watch with six rules, let’s take a look.

Men’s dress watch matching rules

1. Compared to those dazzling and complicated watches, the simple black and white disc watch is more suiwatch for your identity.

2. The heavy case is not practical in the formal dressing, the thinner the watch worn on your hand, the better.

3. The rounded case is the most secure model, it will look sane and modest; the barrel or square shape is also OK, not rigid, giving the impression that it is easy to accept new things; Don’t try it, it will give you a strong sense of style.

4. The pure gold watch is not bad, it does have the function of maintaining value. However, Jin Cancan’s dizzying watch is still ineviwatch. In contrast, steel and titanium will look more graceful. If you really like gold, choose rose gold.

5. Choose black or dark brown crocodile leather strap, snakeskin is more suiwatch for young people who like a punk.

6. The basic waterproof and date function is enough for daily use. A heavy-duty watch with a drain valve and a bold scale bezel is more suiwatch for casual wear. Be aware that you are a business person first, then a non-professional sportsman.

Men’s formal watch recommended

Recommend one:

Omega Omega-Disc Fly Series 424. Men’s Mechanical Watch

This watch not only meets the needs of popularity, playability and technical performance, but this gold watch looks luxurious. The decorative ornament on the dial, the vivid moon phase pattern on the upper right side of the disk, and the retro-style Roman numeral hour mark have an excellent background for the wearer’s identity and temperament.

For men who arrive in China for the year, the watch is very suiwatch for their age and aesthetics. It also allows them to better show the charm and grace of mature men. This recommendation can help everyone.

Omega Speedmaster, how many times have you been on the moon?

In the past two years, Superba has become more and more popular in China. It was once a niche in the domestic Omega, and now people who wear Daichao are often seen on the street. Especially in the first two days, when I was shopping, I saw someone wearing CK2998, which was very impressive and impressive.

I have written many times about the evolution and difference of the 4th generation manual landing moon over the Omega manual moon landing super fighter from birth in 1957 to 1969. Today, I want to give you a summary. From the first human landing on the moon to the last moon landing, Omega Speedmaster has been on the moon several times.

Apollo 11: Omega Speedmaster 105.012 boarded the moon, the first time humans landed on the moon, and it was the first time for Super master to land on the moon.

Apollo 12: Omega Speedmaster 105.012 boarded the moon.

Apollo 13: The spacecraft failed and the moon failed. In the case of the spacecraft control and navigation system being shut down, the astronauts used the Super master for 14 seconds to start the spacecraft ignition and return to Earth.

 Apollo 14: Omega Speedmaster 145.012 boarded the moon.

 Apollo 15: Apollo 15 is controversial. It is reported that an astronaut has privately worn a Bulova chronograph on the moon without the approval of NASA, but there is no landing on the moon. Wear the official allotment of Super.

 Apollo 16: Omega Speedmaster 145.012 on the moon.

Apollo 17: Omega Speedmaster 145.012 on the moon, Apollo 17 is the last human landing on the moon.

From this, we can clearly see that the 105.012 and 145.012 Super Speedmasters have been on the moon. Both 105.012 and 145.012 are the fourth generation of the manual moon landing super, 105.012 and 145.012 are very close (because they are all the same generation products), some 105.012 early, 145.012 was introduced in 1967 is an alternative model of 105.012. The difference between the two is very subtle, 145.012 is the end of the chronograph second hand is flat, 105.012 is the pointed end, 145.012 changed the edge shape of the bottom cover, nothing more.

Omega Speedmaster 145.012 is also the super fighter who really landed on the moon. We know that various historical stories are a plus of the value of the watch. But the history behind many famous watches has exaggerated and indiscriminate elements. The history of Omega Speedmaster is real and documented. This is the place that I am convinced and the reason why I am willing to buy Super.

Nowadays, the Super master in the market is the closest to the 105.012 and 145.012 that went to the moon in history. It is the manual Super master that uses the 1861/1863 movement. And now I am only using the manual super king of the 1863 movement.

The main difference between the 1861 movement manual override and the 1863 movement manual override is that the 1861 movement version is impervious and uses acrylic glass mirrors; the 1863 movement version is translucent and uses a sapphire glass mirror. From the perspective of restoring history, the 1861 movement version is the closest to the current moon landing watch. Because the history of the moon is not bottom-up, and has a magnetic anti-magnetic inner shell, using an acrylic mirror. Using the 1863 movement through the bottom version, it was later introduced to show the movement, the model was removed, the plastic parts were removed, and the movement was more beautiful.

The 1861/1863 manual Super master sold in, inherits the appearance of the fourth-generation manual Super master, and the shoulder of the crown and chronograph button is the main feature.

The 1861/1863 caliber used in the manual Super master is the descendant model of the Omega 321 movement in history. Among them, 145.012, which was historically on the moon, is the last Super master that uses the 321 movements. After that, it was replaced by the 861 movement (predecessor of 1861/1863). Now the characteristics of the 1861/1863 movement are the use of cams and horizontal clutches. The cams are used to control the start, stop, and zero of the timing and the horizontal clutch controls the engagement and separation of the chronograph seconds wheel and the travel time wheel. It is a very classical technical combination.