Omega Seamaster Series Ocean Universe “Deep Black Black” watch – a new generation of the diving king!

Diving watches have become the darling of the watch industry in recent years, and various brands are competing to launch the diving watch series. Therefore, the competition in this field has reached a feverish level. As a leader in the watch industry, Omega will naturally not be willing to follow suit. Omega has always been working on the development of new technology for diving watches. Recently, the brand has combined the latest models of the coaxial obturator movement with the high-tech ceramic case and launched a new generation of diving watch king Omega hippocampus. The series of marine universe “black sea” watch!

Omega Seamaster Series Ocean Universe “Deep Black Black” watch is a beautiful timepiece made with many new materials and new technologies! The newly presented four timepiece dials are 45.5 mm, combining GMT with diving. How to create a diving watch made entirely of ceramics and ensure that it can withstand the pressure of 600 meters / 2000 feet deep under the sea, this pressure is equivalent to 60 atmospheres, is a major technical problem in the watch manufacturing process.

Therefore, each “black sea” watch case is made of a single piece of ceramic, which is a pioneering move in the Omega Seamaster Series Ocean Cosmic Watch. The same material is also used to make the watch’s one-way rotating bezel and the dial with the new Arabic numerals time stamp. In addition, in order to achieve high standards of precision, performance, and anti-magnetic, the Omega Hippocampus series of marine universe “Deep Black” watches have passed eight severe tests established by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS). Double certification between the Observatory and the Swiss Observatory.

The Omega Seamaster Series Ocean Universe “Deep Black Black” watch is equipped with a new GMT bezel, and the diving scale on the ceramic bezel is made with Liquidmetal or CeragoldTM technology. But more interesting than the outer casing material is the bottom cover, which is screw-in! This is the first watch with a ceramic screw-in case back screwed into the ceramic case, Omega named its threaded structure Naiad lock, after the fairy queen of Greek mythology.

The back of a ceramic watch is usually either fixed with an adhesive or a back of the metal and then screwed into the metal sleeve of the ceramic case. The reason for this is that the hardness and brittleness of the ceramic make it very easy to crack on the thread. However, in the “Deep Black Sea” watch, Omega uses a special ceramic with slight elasticity, making the Naiad Lock screw-in the back of the watch possible. Both the back and the casing are provided with large, wavy teeth that snap when the back of the watch is tightened and compress the rubber gasket to ensure water resistance; the screw-in back is positioned accurately, and the Omega logo and letters are always aligned correctly. And can read horizontally. Omega’s efforts have paid off. The watch is waterproof up to 600 meters, which is enough for saturated diving missions, so there is a drain valve at 11 o’clock.

The hands and hour markers of the Omega Seamaster Series Ocean Cosmic “Deep Black Black” watches is made of 18K SednaTM gold or 18K white gold. The surface is covered with a white Super-LumiNova luminous coating, which emits green and dark in the night. Blue glamorous shine. In addition, the bezel is also made of ceramic material. The gold bezel is labeled Sedna Gold, an amorphous metal alloy with a glass-like atomic structure.

The movement of the Omega Hippocampus series of the marine universe “Deep Black Black” is also a high-tech product. The 8906 is the movement of the Coaxial Observatory. Due to the important components of the escapement and the patented silicon alloy, the magnetic resistance exceeds 15,000 Gauss. It means you can wear NMR. The 8906 also features a second time zone function that allows the second time zone to be set simply by operating the crown. The overall grinding is still the style since the 8500 movement system. The splints are decorated with radiating Geneva ripples and chamfered. At this price level, the grinding is superior.

This watch is designed with a black rubber strap to create a knit texture. The straps are ingeniously quoted with contrast stitching and are covered with antibacterial paint, while the inside is decorated with wavy patterns. The SednaTM gold watch features a waterproof leather strap that is also treated with an antimicrobial coating. The strap is fitted with a carmelized titanium folding clasp, while the ceramic clasp is available in two versions.

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