Is It The Third Largest Watch Exhibition In The World?

Two years ago, the Swiss Haute Horlogerie Foundation (FHH) began a high-end watch show in collaboration with Miami’s famous art unit Miami Design District. The show was named “Watches & Wonders Miami” (WWM) and is a consumer-oriented Education and promotion activities for high-end watches. Many people may not know enough about FHH. It is a foundation led by Richemont Group, Audemars Piguet and Girard-Perregaux. It has now reached 44 brands. The purpose of the Foundation is to foster consumer awareness and interest in fine watchmaking. This year’s WWM was held on the weekend of Presidents Day (a traditional American holiday), and the popularity was very high. Compared with the first exhibition in 2018, the number of participating brands increased from 21 to 30; the number of attendees also increased by 40%. 28,000 person-times.

In this regard, FHH Chairman Fabienne Lupo said: “We are very satisfied with the effect of this WWM, and its performance exceeded expectations. I hope this exhibition will become a fixed holiday in the American watch industry.” She added that they will still be next year. Continue to run the third session.

In fact, a few years ago, FHH had a similar exhibition in Hong Kong, named “Watches & Wonders Hong Kong” (WWHK), which was also presented to consumers. Unfortunately, the effect is not good. FHH feels that the Asia-Pacific region is not swatched for this B-C (consumer-oriented) exhibition, but is more swatch for B-B (business-oriented) model. After consideration, they decided to change places to run, which is Miami. Fabienne Lupo explained why: “The high-end watch and jewelry market in North and South America have great potential, and we want to focus on this area. Miami is an important hub connecting North and South America.”

In addition, linkages with other exhibition events should also be considered. Almost at the same time that WWM was held, the Miami Boat Show and the Miami Competition were also held. A large number of yachts and luxury cars will be on display. WWM can work together with these two activities to achieve a joint exhibition of “famous watches, famous cars, and yachts”. Attract more potential customers.

At WWM, participating brands will exhibit and even sell some new products that have not yet been exposed. As the future Geneva and Basel exhibitions will be moved to April, WWM is expected to be a forward-looking event for these two exhibitions. Finally, Fabienne Lupo also revealed that they will consider similar exhibitions in the Asia Pacific region, most likely in China.