Sinn Watches

Sinn is a brand that started as a pilot and is the only watch brand from Frankfurt, Germany. But the rise of the brand Sinn was not led by the founder of Sinn but led by Lothar Schmidt, one of the leaders of the manufacturing and design development department at IWC. Thanks to Mr. LotharSchmidt’s commitment to the development and manufacturing expertise and his experience in introducing new technologies and materials, Sinn has created many miracles. The Sinn brand is designed for German professionals, including border inspection teams, firefighters, divers, deep-sea examiners, pilots, tankers, bankers, etc.

The latest mechanical chronographs are used in peacekeeping forces, and their advanced functional design is increasingly being watched by watch fans around the world. With the Swiss ETA movement, the waterproof, magnetic, high and low-temperature resistance are leading the world. Sinn’s patented technology is breathtaking and adds brilliance to German precision manufacturing technology.

In 1994, the founder of Sinn, the man named after the company in his name, sold his life’s work achievements to the current president, Lothar Schmidt, at the age of 78. The new owner was originally an executor of a watch company and was one of the leaders and developing leaders of the manufacturing sector in the prestigious Swiss brand IWC. With his expertise in development and manufacturing and his experience in introducing new technologies and materials, his advice and commitment to development have laid the foundation for the company’s future development. This is a young brand among many watch brands, and everyone is surprised by a series of technical reforms that have attracted the attention of experts and a large number of growing customers: a diving watch made of stainless steel is filled Silicone oil and can work at any depth you want.

An exclusive observatory chronograph is made from the complete 22K gold, but the hardness is just like stainless steel. An observatory’s magnetic field protection function can be 20 times higher than the standard and provides a particularly powerful shock suspension system for the movement. In addition, one style is filled with inert gas and a matching dehumidification tube to provide ideal moisture protection for the core. A watch is combined with lubrication and error technology so that the mechanical watch can provide the correct time in the temperature range of -45 ° C ~ +80 ° C. The development of the EZM series has been exhilaratingly offered to various special units or units of the German military police. Each new watch provides consistent evidence of Sinn’s unique requirements, showing how to be a leader in traditional watch manufacturing: a company must constantly become a forward to technology and can be implemented at watchmakers.