We Are Born To Love Adventure!

When it comes to stories about adventure, challenge, and courage, it always ignites the blood of exploring the unknown. More than two hundred years ago, a brave man pioneered the history of the three Pacific Oceans. He wrote a heavy stroke in the history of conquering the ocean. He was later called Captain Cook by later generations. In 1962, in order to commemorate his great deeds, the watchmaking brand Rado from Switzerland used his story as a source of inspiration to launch the watch of the same name, Captain Cook. Now, Captain Cook has set sail again, and Captain Cook, who has re-started, what surprises us?

Captain Cook (James Cook, Captain Cook)

Captain Cook’s popularity in the legendary nautical history is comparable to that of Zheng He’s voyage in the West. As the greatest British voyage explorer of the 18th century, he traveled across the ocean to the southern hemisphere three times and discovered the mainland of Australia, New Zealand, and Hawaii. Many islands in the Pacific Ocean. Captain Cook was the first British to appear on the Australian continent and declared it a British territory.

Captain Cook arrives in the Pacific Ocean three times.

The courage to explore the unknown is the most important spirit seen by future generations. He once said in his nautical diary that “I intend to go farther than to persuade people to go farther, but to do everything possible.” farther”. For him, the adventure has become a part of life.

The establishment of the Swiss Rado in 1917 also has a spirit of adventure. The Rado, known as the “Material Master”, has never stopped its watchmaking materials. For a watch, the “material” is the part that comes into direct contact with our skin, so its importance can be seen. From high-tech ceramics, plasma high-tech ceramics to CeramosTM cermets and color high-tech ceramics, Rado plays an extremely important role in the field of ceramic materials.

Historical information of the first generation of Captain Cook

In 1962, the first generation of Captain Cook was born. The design inspiration at that time was inspired by the design of divers in the 1960s, whether it was a rotating bezel, a retro bubble mirror, a sword-shaped minute hand, and an arrow-shaped hour hand, or the details of the three hippocampi engraved logos on the bottom cover. The Rado gave Captain Cook the captain so much that he was called a classic design by later generations.

By the 1960s, the first generation of Captain Cook was born.

Around the 1960s, many watch brands launched divers-style watches, which is not unrelated to the impact of World War II. In these diving style watches, Captain Cook Captain Cook’s design can be said to be very brand-name. First of all, as early as the beginning, the first generation of Captain Cook was born. The brand boldly tilts the bezel toward the center of the dial, which makes it easier for the wearer to rotate the bezel and read the bezel information. For most users who bought watches at the time, the practical performance was the deciding factor in their choice of a watch. Unlike now, a watch is not wearable, which is a very important factor in its survival in the watch market.

We found a prototype of the first generation of Captain Cook from the 1960s (Source Network)

Captain Cook’s Captain Series returns to the watch market, recreating all the features of the prototype watch

At that time, a foreign watch media once commented on the return of Captain Cook. He said, “In the big era of the Internet, we sometimes find that even if we are grateful and benefit from the convenience brought by modern technology, we still dream. More purely in the past, the Rado Captain Cook’s series is also the same, dreams can be both the past and the present, enjoy the retro simple and beautiful.”

For many Rado collectors, the recapture of Captain Cook is significant, which means that a classic watch can reappear in front of the world. It makes all regret a reality. In 2019, after more than half a century after the birth of the first generation of Captain Cook, Rado once again launched a new Captain Cook Captain series closer to the first generation of Captain Cook on the basis of 2017. The watch includes a limited edition of 1962 pieces of the 37mm diameter Captain Cook and a 42mm multicolor dial of Captain Cook watch.

In fact, the watch house actually saw the new Captain Cook Captain series watch in April this year. At the time we first saw it, our reaction was – amazing.

 The new injection elements of the new Cook Captain’s watch are made of modern materials, including high-tech ceramics with bezels, which in turn enhance the wear resistance of the watch, while the sapphire glass provides the best protection for the dial. It is worth mentioning that the Rado’s Captain Cook watch is equipped with a modern automatic mechanical movement that provides up to 80 hours of power reserve, an unimaginable breakthrough in 1962. The domestic price of this watch is only RMB 14,900. At a price of around 15,000, you can have a unique adventure story, a courage to challenge, a quality and a well-designed watch. At the same price, I still can’t find a watch that can compete with it.

 RADO Rado also provides users with a choice of 37 mm and 42 mm diameters for different needs. The 37 mm retains the original flavor of Captain Cook, while the 42 mm diameter is more swatch for modern aesthetics and choice.

 If you enjoy modern life and occasionally miss the past, this watch will undoubtedly be the wrist companion you have been looking forward to. The new Rado Copter Captain Cook is a retro-style watch designed for modern time travelers.