Pocket watch introduction

A pocket watch is a timepiece that is carried without a strap. The traditional pocket watch is a pointer type, which is tied to the pocket of the clothes with a bracelet and is used when it is used. The pocket watch can also be fixed at the collar, belt, etc., or not attached to the bracelet.

Classification of pocket watches:

Pocket watches are divided into two categories because of their shape. The hunting style has a transparent or opaque cover on the outside of the watch. The open type does not have a cover. There is also a semi-hunting type with a partial cover.

Use of pocket watches:

The general ladies’ watch is hung on the chest and has a diameter of about 3cm. The pocket watch is also called the pocket watch in the pocket. The former European gentleman is in the pocket of the suit vest, and the bracelet is in the second or third buttonhole.

When the pocket watch is placed in a trouser pocket, a longer bracelet is generally used, and the bracelet of the chest pocket is shorter. Some bracelets have clips on the top to be attached to the collar of a suit jacket or shirt.

Omega Pocket Watch to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the opening of the Ping-Han Railway

Zhan Tianyou left behind when building the first railway. The OMEGA (Omega) word can be clearly seen on the watch. It is expertly appraised. This watch is a Swiss pocket watch that commemorates the Ping-Han Railway in 1920. The value is immeasurable.