What is the meaning of Omega watches?

Omega produced a 19-year movement from the beginning and made the move into a pocket watch with a weight of 19. Because the movement of this pocket watch is the most important movement in the history of Omega, the name of the 19-caliber movement is called “Omega.” The reason why Omega is called Omega is because of this movement.

We know that the names of luxury goods are very elegant and have their own sources. For example, LV and Armani used the name of the founder; Glashütte used the name of the brand. Omega, the name of a movement, is used as the brand name.

This movement is the 19-odd “Omega” movement produced by Omega from the beginning. Therefore, without the 19-caliber movement, there is no Omega today. The story is as follows, the fans, especially the European fans can understand.

Omega watch

1. Dismantled 19-caliber movement

In 1848, the founder of Omega opened a small workshop to produce a movement. As the movement is doing well, it is gradually becoming famous. In 1894, the workshop made a very cattle movement, 19 movements (so that it was a length unit, 1 order about 2.26 mm, the antique movement used to name the movement with the movement scale). There are two of the 19 most violent local movements. First, it uses a new product specification.

Each part of the 19-period movement is produced according to strict scale accuracy specifications. The standard supply of moving parts is very convenient for assembling and replacing parts. It is suitable for large-scale production and the concept is very advanced. At the time, the general movement, because there is no such standardization of production, is a person to do a movement, a persona norm, for people, the accuracy of the scale of the parts is not right. Second, the 19-caliber movement can use a crown to wind the watch and adjust the time. As you may know, many pocket watches used key windings.

These two brothers are the founders of modern Omega and named the company “Omega”

2, 19 What is the movement of the movement?

19 movements of 43.2 mm, 6.55 mm thick, using bimetal temperature compensation balance, blued steel hairspring, swing frequency of 18,000 times/hour, power storage for 38 hours. The 19th movement began in 1894. The official information was discontinued in 1923, but information indicates that some of the 19 types of movements have been used in 1931.

The Omega 19 makes the movement through the decoration from scratch. Now in order to remember the 125th anniversary of the name “Omega”, Omega has once again produced the 19th movement from scratch. The 19-caliber movement of Omega from scratch is to take out the 19-caliber movement parts stocked in the Omega Museum and polish it from scratch. Before I went to the 4S shop to maintain the car, the 4S shop said that like the discontinued car, the stored parts can be supplied for many years of maintenance. This reminds me that, like Omega’s 18-period chronograph movement, 321 chronograph movement, 19-caliber movement, these antique movements should have some parts in Omega.

Among the 19-volume movements produced from the beginning, the movement splint, escapement, balance wheel (bimetallic temperature-compensated balance wheel, modern watch does not need such a balance wheel now) and other parts are all antique parts of the inventory, through the de novo Continue to use after polishing. The bearings and sleeves in the movement are newly produced, and the gear trains of the movement are denominated from the head according to the modern transmission ratio.

We can notice that the speed of the 19-volume movement produced from scratch is very special, similar to the shape of a “snail”. This type of speed and slow needle, as long as you can see it on the antique watch, the current mass production watch movement, is now not seen. The part that produced the 19-permanence movement from the beginning is the part of the Omega Central Tourbillon and the 18-caliber manual chronograph, which represents the highest level of Omega.

Omega recently launched three kinds of antique movements from the beginning, from top to bottom, respectively, 18-order chronograph movement, 321 chronograph movement, 19-caliber movement

In recent years, Omega has shown its strong strength not only in the main watch but also on the hippocampus, super-master, constellation and disc flying, relying on the new model of the 8900/8800 movement. Omega also has a lot of big moves on the antique watch. It includes the 18-time chronograph movement from 19, the 19-caliber movement, and the 321 chronograph movement that announced the debut of the antique moon landing on the moon. It is definitely the earthquake of the world (the 321 movement is the most famous manual winding in the watch industry). The chronograph movement has not only been on the moon, but also the major brands of PP and VC have been used).

Purchased the mood sharing of the Omega hippocampus series

Since the beginning of the year, I have gradually gained a new understanding of the watch, and finally understand the reasons for the price gap between various watches, the culture, history, and connotation of different brands. I also learned through the hard work of this forum in the past one year, and discovered the famous family, such as Jaeger-LeCoultre, Vanguard, Rolex, etc. (I only recognized Omega at the time, I think Rolex must be more than 10W, and think that Jaeger-LeCoultre, IWC, Tissot, Longines, and Beauty Degree should be a level). . .

The initial impression of Omega was derived from an Omega watch of Uncle Uncle. At that time, I wondered how the logo of this brand was a mathematical symbol. It felt very interesting. So when I first started shopping in the mall to watch the table, I also went to Omega first. At that time, I was most impressed by the hippocampus series. I liked the hippocampus’ outstanding coaxial movement (big love), and the sport did not lose the temperament of Sven, but at that time I felt that things were too expensive and far away from me. After I decided to buy the watch, I went straight to the hippocampus. Maybe it was fate. I saw this coaxial calendar at first glance: the white dial is simple and generous, and I feel that it is in line with my own character. There is also the teak texture of that personality, like the teak deck on the yacht, which fits the definition of the hippocampus series, very NICE.

Now working, I still remember the Omega Seamaster series watches. Now I have economic conditions. I can buy different styles of watches, but I still feel that the hippocampus is my favorite, that is, I am entangled in the price. During that time, I only wanted to run around for this watch. The family said that they would choose the hippocampus. Don’t worry about it anymore. Nothing compares to the satisfaction of buying, and I feel good about myself. With the support of my family, I decided to be a hippocampus. Finally, I bought the love table that I admired for a long time. To be honest, the day I got the watch, I was really unwilling to let go.

Omega’s feelings for Constellation

The Omega brand has been around for a long time. I have heard it before, but I have not purchased an Omega for myself. The Omega Constellation can be said to be my favorite. I don’t want to go out of the golden dial. The whole style has won my heart. The claw is a major feature of the Omega Constellation. This feature is obvious on the wrist.

I like simple things, and watches are no exception. The watch is practical in my life, so I don’t ask for complicated functions. I am dizzy when I look at it. It is very satisfying to see the time. This Omega style not only meets my requirements for simplicity but also is simple and elegant, which is very consistent with my mind.

Although this Omega dial is not very big, my wrist is not big, the size is just right! What do you think?

Poisoned Omega Bumblebee

For the watch, my requirements are not high, the idea is very simple – big three needles + waterproof + back through + night light, I am very happy to meet these four points. Look at it or lock the Omega Seamaster series. There is no extra time to learn more on weekdays. On weekends, I will go shopping at home, not much, and go straight to Omega. The most obvious thing for me is the bumblebee. But I am not in a hurry to take the shot since I have come to see more flowers and see it!

After reading it for a long time, I probably already recognized the hornet in my heart. I can’t see the feeling of seeing anything else. I can’t get into my eyes. In this case, then the quick fix! Can’t wait any longer! Recalling the willingness to look for the table before, isn’t it for the hornet since I feel that the hornet wins, what are you hesitating? Moreover, this high simulation mimics the effect I want!

Chatted with the customer for a while, got to know the courier, and quickly decided after shipping the details. After waiting for three or four days, I finally received it, and I was very surprised! It feels like this quality, this feel is cool! Come! Detoxification!

Omega Super Series “Altman” Limited Edition Global Release 2012

Swiss famous watch brand Omega OMEGA once again launched the “Speedy Tuesday” watch on the online platform – the Super-master series “Ottoman” limited edition. “Ottoman” is the main character of the Altman series produced by Japan’s Round Valley Production Co., Ltd. It is a model in the “Giant Monster” type drama series. In order to pay tribute to this classic character, Omega presents the new Super master series “Ottoman” limited edition watch.

This new super-master watch is integrated with the elements of the Japanese science fiction film “Ottoman” in the 1970s. It is very innovative, but it is more proud of its veritable space origin because it was launched in 1967 with Omega. The lunar watch can be said to be the same.

The Super Moon Lunar Watch, born in 1967, attracted the attention of the fourth team of the Altman series by virtue of its unique orange chronograph second hand. The watch’s striking orange color matches the color of the heroic and fearless monster special attack team uniforms, making the Omega Speed master series lunar watch a piece of indispensable combat equipment for them to fight monsters.

The chronograph second hand of the new “Altman” watch completely retains the design of the 1967 prototype model: the same orange color, the same size specifications. At the same time, the watch also uses a black and orange alumina bezel, which echoes the orange chronograph second hand. The classic small dial design is also amazing. Since Altman turned into a superhero mode and can only last for 3 minutes, the watch is at 3 o’clock. The first 3 minutes of the small dial is orange, and the small seconds at 9 o’clock can be seen by Altman. profile. The strap replacement tool is inspired by the Altman Transformer Beta Magic Wand, with UV light on one end of the tool. When the UV lamp is illuminated on the dial, the Ultra-man pattern on the dial will appear more clearly.

The retro-orange Omega brand logo accents the dial, which is a nostalgic style. The back of the watch is engraved with the words “Speedy Tuesday” and “QUALIFIED BY NASA FOR ALL MANNED SPACE MISSIONS” (certified by NASA in all manned space missions). The watch is paired with a black and orange “NATO” NATO military strap with a spare black leather strap.

The Omega Speed master series “Ottoman” watches are limited to 2,012 pieces worldwide, which are highly collectible and carried in a special hexagonal watch case. The tribute to the monster attack team is a futuristic hexagonal workbench.

This ultra-master series “Altman” limited edition with integrated classic anime elements and Omega’s superb watchmaking technology is now open for online booking.