Omega Watches Are Generally Cheaper _ Where To Buy Omega Watches Cheaper

Omega is a Swiss watch brand. Omega’s price ranges from 10,000 to 50,000. There are mechanical, automatic machinery, quartz, and other movements. Most quartz watches are women’s watches. There are fewer men’s watches, but I believe most of them. watch friends are interested in mechanical watches, Omega’s logo is very interesting, is a resistance match, Omega is not a top watch brand in the watch, it is a luxury, high-end watch brand. I will recommend the Omega watch to everyone! Let’s talk about where to buy a watch is cheaper!

Omega Omega-Hippo Series Mechanical Men’s Watch

Movement type machinery, automatic machinery, movement model Cal.2500 Power reserve: 48 hours, shell material steel, steel, dial width 41mm, dial thickness 10mm, lugs 20mm, crown screw-in, mirror material sapphire crystal, Dial diameter 40mm-45mm, case bottom cover is not transparent, dial shape is round, dial scale bar, other, dial color black, strap material steel, steel, strap color silver, buckle type folding buckle, function Date display, swatch for men’s watch, launch year 2011, special function date display, diving watch, big three-needle, observatory certification, luminous, waterproof depth 300 meters, million watch price: 24300 yuan

This watch is very swatched for men. It is stylish, casual and workable. It is waterproof 300 meters, convenient for daily life, and can swim freely. In terms of quality, this watch is certified by the Observatory, so the machine The accuracy of the performance of the core is great, you deserve it!

Is it cheap to go to Japan to buy Omega?

Go to Japan to buy two Omegas in parallel: Kameni and JACK ROAD. Kameji is on the third floor of Nakano Broadway at 5-52-15 JACK ROAD, Nakano, Nakano-Ku, Tokyo.

The so-called parallel goods refer to the Japanese regular licensed goods, which are imported from outside Japan, and are the original goods of Omega. The quality is the same, and the international warranty is the same. Buying Omega in Japan will be cheaper than buying it in China! However, Xiao Bian reminds, carefully distinguish between true and false, to prevent being cheated!

Omega Brand New Sea Master Universe 600 Meters Diving Watch

I went to see Omega’s new products some time ago, and I really didn’t know what to do when I left. Omega has produced a lot of new products this year, and the real thing is better than the picture. This year, Omega launched a new model from the constellation, sea master, super tyrants, and butterfly flying. The ones that impressed me the most should be the super fighter and the sea master.

 sea master series marine universe 600 diving watch

Super Series “Apollo 11” 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Watch Moonshine 18K Gold

 This year’s Super Series “Apollo 11” 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Moonshine 18K gold re-enacted a specially designed Super master watch BA145.022 released by OMEGA in 1969, the appearance basically retains the original The version of the design made some adjustments on the material and movement.

Another special feature of the Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Limited Edition is the use of blackening and laser engraving at 9 o’clock to show the pattern that Buzz Aldrin is about to embark on the moon. It’s quite interesting.

Today I mainly want to share with you the sea master series of marine universe 600 meters diving watch.

 Omega’s sea master 300 meters diving watch last year was quite hot. This year, the hot iron was new, the material was adjusted, the timing function was added, and the new sea master 300m diving watch was launched. In addition, the sea master series of marine universe 600 meters diving watch has also been updated, a total of two models, one of which added the timing function.

 Why do you want to single out the sea master series of marine universe 600 meters diving watch? After all, I look at it a lot.

1948 Omega’s first sea master series was born

In 1957, the sea master 300m diving watch was launched.

  Compared with the sea master series 300 meters diving watch, the sea master series marine universe is big progress, appearing later. In 2005, the high-end models of the sea master series were launched, becoming a new generation of luxury diving watches.

    At the time, the first generation of the sea master series of marine universes had three models. The bezel was still made of the aluminum bezel, with orange and black colors. The movement was equipped with a 2500 movement. At the time, this design was also laid. The classic shape of the sea master marine universe. To be precise, the first generation of the sea master series of the marine universe used the third-generation 2500 movement.

The second generation of the sea master series of the marine universe changed to a ceramic bezel and 8500 movements, the back also used a back through, and also launched a women’s watch.

The biggest change in the third generation of the sea master marine universe is the upgrade from the 8500 movements to the 8900 movements. This movement is Omega’s first METAS-certified Master Chronometer to the Observatory movement.

From the above we also know that the first generation of sea master series of the marine universe used orange elements at the time, this year’s eye-catching color is back. The orange bezel of the first generation of the sea master marine universe was made of aluminum, but this year’s new model uses an orange zirconia ceramic scale ring. This material is now being patented, with a special texture and the first color. The generation is redder and the color is warmer. The scale on the bezel is also made of white ceramic and covered with a luminous coating.

Previously Omega used LiquidmetalTM and enamel bezel scales, LiquidmetalTM scales will be darker, white enamel scales will be brighter, no fading.

  The Omega Seamaster Series Ocean Universe (male) has a blue, gray and black dial, but the white dial is still the first (male and unlimited). The dial is made of white zirconia ceramic. The Arabic numerals on the top are also made of orange. The end of the central second’s hand is also painted with orange lacquer. The dial looks bright but not customary.

 In addition to the three-needle model, the sea master series of the marine universe has a new chronograph. This new watch is specially made up of a ceramic-titanium dial with a special color and texture.

Omega’s sea master series of marine universe new watch bracelet is a series of the classic three-section bracelet, the link between the links is Omega’s special chain-axis system, there will be no loose situation. The buckle is Omega’s patented push-pull adjust watch buckle, which is convenient to use.

The other is an orange-grey “NATO” striped strap that is perfect for summer.

Finally, let’s talk about the price issue that everyone cares about. Omega’s new watch will be sold in the flagship store in October. The three-needle model of the steel belt is 48,500. The striped three-needle watch is cheaper, it is 46000.

Omega Blue Sea-Watch Introduction

I believe that there are still many friends who don’t know how much money the omega blue sea watch is, so here are some related content for everyone, then the following

Omega Blue Sea Watch Price

Brand: Omega Omega

Name Omega Seahorse Series Ocean Universe “Blue Sea Blue” Watch

watch diameter: 45.5mm

Origin: Switzerland

Release date: October 2017

Price: 84000RMB

In the mid-1980s, ceramics began to be applied as a new material to the watchmaking process, and the leader in the innovation of this new material was the Swatch Group. The ceramic material is hard, its hardness is six times that of stainless steel, and it is corrosion-resistant, oxidation-resistant and wear-resistant. It is especially swatched for creating an adventurous style. The Omega Hippocampus series is a model of adventurous spirit, and the addition of ceramic materials has injected unlimited possibilities into this series.

The application of ceramic materials can not be achieved with light creativity. The processing difficulty of ceramics should not be underestimated. It is necessary to master the skilled craftsmanship to make ceramics ideal. Omega has always been committed to excellence in ceramics. Last year, Omega launched the hippocampus series of the marine universe “Deep Black” watch, which was made from a single piece of ceramics and was popular as soon as it was launched. This year, Omega once again used a whole piece of ceramics to create a new watch, creating an extraordinary timepiece that combines GMT and diving functions – the hippocampus series of marine universe “Blue Sea Blue”.

The hippocampus series of marine universe “Blue Sea Blue” watch with bright blue color as the main color, with orange rubber decoration, such a bold and fascinating color collision also requires technical support. The change of color of ceramic material is an extremely complicated technology. The coloring of the new Omega Seamaster Series Ocean Universe “Blue Sea Blue” watch needs to be dyed in the early stage of ceramic powder, and only after strictly following each step of production can it be presented. The ultimate fascinating blue.

Omega mechanical watch error standard

Today we talk about the accuracy of the watch and the error of the watch. Some people say that accuracy is an indispensable factor for a good watch. It is equivalent to 1. The other additional factor is 0 behind the 1 and the more additional requirements, the latter. The more 0, the more valuable, but there is no previous 1, and more than 0 are in vain.

What is the error standard for Omega mechanical watches?

Omega watch error tolerance is 30 seconds/day, the average error of the Observatory certified movement is between -4 seconds/day to +6 seconds/day, the specific error depends on the movement used by Omega watches, Not the higher the price, the smaller the error of the Omega watch. The power source of the Omega mechanical watch is the swing of the wrist of the wearer to generate energy to wind the spring. A fully-elected Omega mechanical watch can last for about 36 hours: if it is guaranteed to be worn every day, it can work for about 15 hours, such as Exceeding the above time or not swinging will cause the Omega watch to stop. Before wearing it again, it should be wound on the Omega watch.

When talking about a car, you might talk about the acceleration problem. When you talk about a mobile phone, you will look at battery life and memory data. But when you talk about a watch, its accuracy is not a place for publicity.

Because mechanical watches are physical factors, there will always be errors. Therefore, it is normal to have a few seconds per day. It takes more than 80,000 seconds to go, and the watch with an error of 10 seconds is very accurate. But when we spend tens of thousands or more to buy a watch, we still nitpickingly want it to be accurate for a second or two. Why?

The accuracy of the watch is a kind of talk

Just as we discuss the income of the workplace, the speed of the car, and the endurance of the phone, we will regard this function as a convention. In fact, the tourbillons produced by major brands can indeed improve performance, but they are limited to the case where the (generally stationary) balance is vertically aligned. On the watch, the tourbillon is difficult to achieve because the wearer has been moving his wrist in various ways. How many hundreds of thousands of newly purchased tourbillon mechanical watches will be more accurate than just tens of thousands of watches without a tourbillon?

In many cases, it does not. The appearance of the tourbillon’s watch must look taller and cooler, so having this kind of “cool” has become a kind of talk.

The accuracy of the watch itself is a hard indicator

Any international or professional standard for watches must involve the concept of precision. All the powerful watch factories and organizations are constantly updating the standards because of the improvement of modern watchmaking technology.

For example, the Precision Timepiece Observatory certification standard, the movement certification test must be controlled at -4/+6 seconds a day. Rolex’s top-level observatory certification, updated in 2015, requires an average daily difference of -2/+2 seconds after the watch is assembled. In 2017, Patek Philippe has improved the accuracy of watches too -1/+2s per day in the watch of the most advanced technology research topics. The Patek Philippe imprint, which was used in 2009, requires accuracy of -3/+2s per day.

However, we must also be clear that the accuracy of the watch, in addition to its own quality, has a lot to do with the daily wearing habits of the watch friends. We should not tangle the accuracy of the watch to the accuracy of the zero error every day.

The accuracy of the watch cannot be a measure of the value of a watch. In the mature environment of modern watchmaking technology, we can control the precision to a very subtle level, and then it is of little significance.

Accuracy is the basis for us to judge whether the watch has problems.

At the same time, it is worth noting that the accuracy of a watch is often a reference for us to determine whether it needs repair and maintenance. Most watch friends do not configure the watch’s testing equipment at home. When a watch is worn properly if the watch is found to go faster and sometimes slower, the most direct performance is that the daily error is very unwatched, then We can basically judge that there is a problem with the watch. It needs to be tested. It may be magnetic. It may be because there is a problem inside the bump.

The better the overall consumer feels, the higher the accuracy of the movement. Usually, it is also true that consumers themselves discover the brands they believe most, such as Rolex.

Accuracy is of great significance to the brand

From the brand point of view, the accuracy of the watch is a good propaganda point to establish a brand image. The higher the precision, the better the watchmaking level. Rolex dares to publicly claim that its top-level observatory-certified watches can reach a daily error of -2/+2s per day, after a series of simulated wearing tests, and Rolex’s annual output is close to one million watches so that so many watches can achieve this precision. It is really shocking, and Rolex has done it, this is its value.

People in the watch industry often say that “people wear watches no longer to see the time.” Throughout history, any major watchmaking technological innovations are dedicated to further improving the performance of watches. For watchmakers, precision is the belief. And for us, in fact, it doesn’t matter if the watch is a few seconds a day, so the accuracy of the watch we talk about is more about the connection between the watch and our daily life.

2019 New Sea Master, New Super master, New Fifty Fathoms… Which One Do You Like The Most?

Now, Time to Move has officially opened, including brands such as Breguet, Blancpain, Jacques Del Roque, Omega and other Swatch Groups. Let’s take a look at some of the more popular works.


2019 is the 50th anniversary of Omega Speedmaster’s moon landing. We said at the end of last year that Omega must make a big fuss. At this exhibition, Ou Ji launched a limited edition of the 50th anniversary of the Super Apollo.

This super-master uses the Cal.3861 caliber, which is actually in line with the Cal.1861 caliber, but with more coaxial escapement, stop-second function, 0~5 sec/day precision, 15,000 Gauss anti-magnetic, and other technology bonuses.

The case is made of steel, and the 9-point sub-dial is engraved with the motif of the astronaut Aldrin on the moon in the 18K moonlight gold unique to Omega (when he was wearing the superbike on the moon), the bezel scale It is the other exclusive material of Omega, Ceragold (made of red gold + ceramic). Over the back of the watch, you can also see the famous footprint that Armstrong left on the moon.

The diameter of the watch is 42mm, and it is stored for 48 hours. The limited-edition is 6,969 pieces and the price is US$9,650, which is about 67,000 yuan.

Another heavyweight new model is the sea master 300M chronograph. This new work is made up of a variety of colors and materials to form a variety of versions, the main materials are steel and various alloys.

Depending on the material, the new sea master 300M chronograph uses a Cal.9900 or Cal.9901 movement with a column wheel for 60 hours. In other respects, the Master Observatory certification, coaxial escapement, 15,000 Gaussian antimagnetic, etc.

Thanks to the addition of the timing components, the size of this watch is larger than the larger three-needle version of the sea master 300M, 44mm, with ceramic buttons and drain valves. The dial is also used on the dial. I personally like this design very much. I hope Omega can continue.

As mentioned earlier, there are many versions of this watch, such as steel shell + blue ceramic disc + blue ceramic ring; steel shell + black ceramic disc + black ceramic ring … and so on, the strap also has various combinations of steel belt, rubber belt, etc. I am afraid that the ten fingers are not enough, and the length is limited, so I will not say them one by one.

guess what is this?

The version is different, the price is different, the minimum starting price is 6,600 euros, about 50,000 yuan. When is the listing not yet determined?

The third popular item is Butterfly Flying. There are two versions, one is a Sedna gold case with a gray enamel dial, and the other is a steel case with a blue dial. 40mm size, arched sapphire crystal, very retro.

The steel shell version uses the cal.8910 movement, and the gold shell version uses the cal.8929 movement (the same as the 125th-anniversary butterfly), which is hand-wound, certified by the Master Observatory, equipped with Omega Mainstream technology, storage for 72 hours.

The price of the steel shell is 6,000 Swiss francs, which is about 40,000 yuan; the price of the gold shell is 13,900 Swiss francs, about 100,000 yuan.


Let’s take a look at another popular brand, Blancpain. At this exhibition, Blancpain released two new Fifty Fathoms. The first is called “Nageurs de Combat” and is the name of the French elite diving unit.

The reason for this is that the Fifty Fathoms was inspired by the first Fifty Fathoms of the year, and the first Fifty Fathoms was developed for the supply of French diving forces. Taking this name is to pay tribute to history. The diver’s badge authorized by the French forces is also engraved on the back of the watch.

With a diameter of 45mm and satin-brushed steel case, it is equipped with a 1315 self-winding movement and 5 days of power reserve. Very typical of a fifty baht, and quite historical. Limited to 300 pieces, the price is unknown.

The second fifty is called “Barakuda”, which is more interesting. Its prototype comes from the 50-year-old watch exclusively for the German navy and the civilian market in the 1960s. The diameter of the watch is 40mm, and the rectangular time scale of the size is used, and the worn effect is added, which is very flavorful.

The movement is an 1151 movement, which is stored for 100 hours. There is a cute little opening on the oscillating weight. Comes with a rubber strap. Only 500 pieces, the price is also unknown.

In addition to the diving watch, Blancpain also has a pilot watch, such as this new air commander. The prototype comes from the military watch that Blancpain made for the US Air Force in the 1950s. Unfortunately, this watch was not very successful in history, and its reputation is not great.

Now, Blancpain re-engraved this model with a diameter of about 42.5mm, a two-way ceramic bezel, old scales, and hands.

Equipped with the F388B movement (actually from the Frederic Piguet 1185 movement), equipped with vertical clutch, column wheel, and silicon balance spring, the vibration frequency is very high, reaching 5Hz. Store for 50 hours. Open the back of the watch and you can also see the fun propeller-shaped oscillating weight.

The watch is limited to 500 pieces and sells for CHF 18,500, or about RMB 126,000.

Glashütte Original

GO is coming out of a new series! The new series, called “Specialist”, is GO’s fifth product line, and its first release is the new SeaQ diving watch at the show.

There are three SeaQs this year. The first was called SeaQ 1969, inspired by the 1969 GO’s Spezimatic Type RP TS 200 diving watch. The diameter of the watch is increased from 36mm to 39mm in the original version, and the appearance is generally the same. The scale is deliberately used for old processing. In addition, the pointer is also painted with a green luminous scale, which is consistent with the 1969 prototype. This watch is limited to 69 pieces.

The second is a non-limited version of SeaQ, which is similar in appearance to SeaQ 1969, but the pointer is not green.

Both models are equipped with the Calibre 39-11 self-winding movement, which is stored for 40 hours and has the same diameter. The back of the watch is engraved with a trident pattern, a GO pattern and 20 wavy lines (representing a water-resistant depth of 200 meters). Available in steel, rubber and nylon straps.

The third one is called “SeaQ Panorama Date” and the translation is a big calendar. Available in black and blue, the biggest feature is that there is a large calendar window at 4 o’clock.

This watch is equipped with GO 36-13 movement, stored for 100 hours, equipped with a silicon hairspring, the diameter of 43.2mm, steel shell. There are also 3 straps available.

In addition to these popular styles, “Time to Move” also released many new watches from the Swatch Group brands such as Breguet and Jacques Del Roque.

How About The Omega Seamaster Olympics Series _ Omega Seamasterwhich Is More Classic

In addition to attracting most of our attention during the Chinese New Year in the past few days, the most eye-catching is definitely the 2018 Korean Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. This Olympic Games also let us know a lot of athletes but left the impression of netizens. The most profound fear is the referee’s problem. The various penalties that are obviously biased towards the Korean team have always existed and never stopped.

On February 20th, Beijing time, the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics short track speed skating women’s 3000m relay final ended the fierce competition. In the final line, the South Korean team won the championship with 4:07, 361. The Chinese team crossed the finish line for the second time. It was originally a runner-up but was convicted of fouling and finally missed the silver medal!

The Canadian team, which was stumped by South Korean players, eventually encountered the same results as China. After the final result of the penalty was released, it triggered a strong response from the Chinese team and netizens!

For the referee of the Korean Olympics, the clockwork fish is not much evaluated here, anyway, it is what our eyes see. Since we talked about the Olympics today, who do you think of when it comes to watches?

Of course, it is Omega. Omega was the official timekeeper of the Olympic Games in 1932. The Pyeongchang Winter Olympics will be the 28th time for Omega to shoulder the Olympic time. The cooperation between Omega and the Olympic Games has continued until 2032, thus creating a century-old legend of Olympic timing.

Last month, Omega just released 5 special models for the sea master Olympics, 39.5 mm, inspired by the Olympic rings, each limited to 2,032. (This is also a review of foreign websites that we have translated in the last two weeks)

A few days before the opening of the Winter Olympics, Omega launched three new models of the sea master Olympic gold series, inspired by the gold, silver and bronze medals of the third runner-up. Omega uses three different gold qualities to create three case diameters. The 39.5 mm watch is yellow 18K gold, Sedna® 18K gold, and white Canopus 18K gold.

Among them, Canopus Gold, which represents the silver color, is a brand new white alloy. Its full and long-lasting color and pure color are whiter than the average 18K white gold, but the specific formula is definitely confidential, so we don’t know what to use.

These three watches are arguably a very standard dressing watch, a combination of precious metal and leather straps, a white enamel dial with a willow-shaped pointer and a stereo hour scale of 18k gold. The dial is below the 12 o’clock position. With a chic Omega vintage logo, the minute circle and the word “Seamaster” are made of enamel.

In order to present the long-standing relationship between Omega and the Olympic Games, the watch has an 18K gold ring on the back of the watch. The ring is printed with the Olympic Games host city from the Los Angeles Olympic Games in 1932 to the Los Angeles Olympic Games in 2032, which was officially timed by Omega. Date of the event.

The back of the watch is designed with an Omega 8807 coaxial to the Olympic movement. The entire watch and movement must pass the eight rigorous tests set up by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS) in order to be certified by the Observatory.

Frankly speaking about this Winter Olympics, it may be only in the Omega timer. After all, this winter Olympics can only deepen our disappointment with South Korea: “China wins technology, Korea wins referee.” And the real strength of the people won, we will respect!

Omega: The Movement 50 Years Ago Is Back!

If the fans choose to “resurrect” a famous movement, then the Omega 321 movement must be one of them. Since the 1940s, this precise and elegant chronograph movement has been highly sought after and is still the target of many watch collectors around the world. Today, Omega announces the re-emergence of the classic 321 calibers, which has successfully “revived” this iconic movement more than 50 years later.

Original Omega 321 movement

The original 321 calibers are known for its ingenious design. In 1957, the first Omega Speedmaster watch was equipped with the 321 calibers. In fact, this movement was first installed in several Omega sea master series watches. The 321 movement uses an integrated column wheel, which is very demanding on the fineness of the movement structure and the watchmaking process. Therefore, this classic design also greatly enhances the technical value of the movement, making it popular with watch collectors.

The Oujia Superbike series ST 105.003 is equipped with this movement through the rigorous testing of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), making the Super master watch the only one allowed to participate in all NASA manned space missions. The watch, accompanied by astronaut Ed White, performed the first “spacewalk” mission in the United States. Omega’s first watch on the moon – the Speedmaster series ST 105.012 is also equipped with this classic movement.

In order to accurately reproduce this prestigious classic movement, Omega has established a team of experts consisting of researchers, developers, historians, and skilled watchmakers. The entire project took more than two years and was kept strictly confidential. The team even named the project “Alaska Plan 11” (Alaska 11), which was the code used by Omega in its cooperation with NASA in the 1960s and 1970s.

Based on the second-generation 321 calibers, Omega has conducted extensive research on its historical data and original design to restore the movement structure as accurately as possible. In addition, Omega also used the tomographic imaging technique to study the Super master ST 105.003 watch worn by the Apollo 17 astronaut Eugene “Gene” Cernan in 1972. Eugene Cernan is the last man to land on the moon, and his Super master watch is housed in the Omega Museum in Bill (Bill). The 321 caliber on this watch provides an important technical reference for engraving. As a result, the new 321 caliber is able to accurately restore the unique and iconic design of the original movement to pay tribute to the moon landing history of the Omega Speedmaster.

Raynald Aeschlimann, President, and CEO of Omega Global said: “We are very happy to see that the 321 movements are loved by many watch fans. In 1968, Omega produced the last batch of 321 movements, but about this machine. The discussion of the core has never stopped, which is enough to prove how special it is. Therefore, Omega has put a lot of effort into recreating this movement to meet the wishes of the fans, and we are full of excitement.

The new 321 calibers will begin production at the Omega headquarters in Bill. The difference is that the entire production process of this movement will be carried out in Omega’s 321 movement workshop. The assembly of each movement, as well as the assembly of the watch case and strap accessories, will be produced by the same watchmaker. In the coming months, Omega said it will continue to share with the fans the latest developments and information about this movement.

Omega’s sudden announcement of this move today is a stone-shattering, causing an uproar in the bezel. But in fact, think about it, this move is also expected.

40,000 Price Annual Inventory, Omega Sea Master Become The Biggest Winner

The last time the 4W price was a million-dollar person, but today’s 4.5W annual sales volume of the top ten is replaced by Omega. By the way, you have been looking forward to the sea master for a long time, and finally, the king returns!

Omega’s sea master has unmatched popularity and strength at this price point. This sea master AQUA TERRA 150-meter watch continues the tough design, using the iconic “Teak Concept” sunlight ray to polish the lacquered blue dial, giving the dial a sharp, vertical texture.

The watch features a 41.5 mm stainless steel case with a steel bracelet. It is equipped with Omega’s epoch-making 8500-to-coaxial automatic mechanical movement. The movement’s high precision has also been certified by the Observatory to withstand super-magnetic fields above 15,000 Gauss.

This sea master is really too good to sell, even if it is the same color, there are many Omega watch fans rushing to buy. The same is the AQUA TERRA 150-meter watch, but this color is fresher, the white dial retains the vertical lines reminiscent of the teak deck on the luxury yacht, the large blue hour and minute hands and the Arabic numerals of the dial Correspondingly, the second hand is replaced with a bright lemon yellow.

The style of the watch is simple and clear, so it is often worn by society on the golf course. Even if you don’t play golf, it can withstand the extremely strong anti-magnetic performance above 15,000 Gauss so that you can wear it without any pressure to play mahjong.

Since most of the listed Omega’s different colors of the sea master, the clockwork fish does not distinguish between colors. Let’s take a look at this good dish that is also sold. This watch has a bright and bright dial. In addition to the bezel made of 18K yellow gold, the six diamond hour markers are dotted with a sun-rayed champagne dial on the ring-finished ring, plus a brown crocodile belt. A splendid sight.

The watch is equipped with a 2500 coaxial movement that is also certified by the Observatory. After chrome plating, the oxidation resistance is effectively improved and the full chain provides 42 hours of power reserve.

At this price, I finally saw the brand of the four major movement manufacturers appear for the first time, and Zenith took the lead. This commander’s women’s watch is made of white mother-of-pearl, which makes the watch show a soft and feminine color, and it can show the gentle side of women. The disc surface is extremely simple, using the rhodium-plated willow-shaped hour and minute hands and the blue steel seconds hand to indicate the time, and the 6 o’clock position is a beautiful moon phase window.

As for the movement, you can rest assured that you can see the name of Zenith. This women’s watch is equipped with an Elite 692 self-winding movement with a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour. On the backside, you can clearly see the big five-pointed star that is fascinated by the hollow swaying on the automatic oscillating weight.

This 18K yellow gold Happy Diamonds watch is cleverly designed with transparency and light and shadow to create an amazing effect, which has made countless women so fascinated that it is hard to find on the market.

Sea Master Tour New York

This watch comes from Omega and is a very special “special” series of Omega.

It is it – the Omega Sea-master Series New York special limited edition watch.

Just recently, Omega released the special limited edition watch of the sea master series in New York, which is consistent with the world’s greatest city.

This watch is limited to 399 pieces and is only available in New York’s omega (Big Apple). Each watch has its own number. This watch is to pay tribute to this city that never sleeps. Sexual city skyline, through the back of the watch, can be seen through the Caliber 8800 caliber certified by the Observatory, laser-engraved New York landmark building;

These include the Statue of Liberty, the Manhattan Bridge, the Waldorf Astoria, the Rockefeller Center, and the Empire State Building; the charm of this limited edition watch is in the details, not just the skyline.

The Grey dial has a slightly dome-shaped and lacquered finish that accentuates the gradient. The date window is at six o’clock, the date wheel matches the color of the dial itself, and the Omega logo and time index are made of white gold.

This watch collection is based on the sea master collection and is designed for five global central cities; it is available in five editions in Paris, London, Singapore, New York, and Switzerland, and features a signature dial for each cultural capital.

Capturing the spirit of the “world capital” is not an easy task, especially in the “space” of only 39.5 mm.

But this “New York” has achieved great achievements in a small space.

In addition to the obvious skyline, platinum and subtle touch enhance the low-key charm of this limited-size sea master in New York. The dial is elegant and stylish, and it reminds everyone of the fog that first came to New York.

It is easy for people to build deep feelings and affinity for the city. Is there any better way to wear it than to wear it?

The urban version is very special in the modern sea master series because they draw on the aesthetics of the 1940s. Over time, the sea master series has become the most important “pillar” of the Omega brand. Designing such a city version allows us to see it most. Elegant bloodline.

This sea master New York version only produced 100 at first, but considering the geographical location it represents and it is loved by people, it has achieved 399.

Omega Watches Are So Cattle, Rolex May Be Passed.

Omega, a watch brand full of talks. It is the only watch brand that has landed on the moon and is used in all US space missions. Since 1932, it has often become the official timer for the Olympic Games, including the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Over the years, regardless of the market conditions of the watch market, Omega’s sales have always maintained a top position.

This remarkable achievement is due to the fact that the Swiss watch brand born in 1848 has a history of 169 years of watchmaking, and as early as 1905, it produced the world’s highest quality mass production precision movement. – Omega 19-Gate DDR. Later, Omega became the watch brand of the British Royal Flying Force and the US Army and set a world record of precision.

In modern times, Omega’s performance in the watch industry is equally remarkable. Its patented coaxial handling technology solves the lubrication problems that have plagued the world watch industry for centuries. This technology allows it to quickly catch up with Rolex’s movement manufacturing standards.

Omega’s pursuit of perfection makes it more than just performance and perseverance, but also a culture and spirit. Man, you should have an Omega!