Can Glashütte’s 0riginal Innovative Diving Watch Become An Explosion?

In May, the six high-end brands under the Swatch Group released new products in 2019. Some new products are worthy of attention. One of them is Glashütte’s original SeaQ series. The official name is “Expert Series”, named The relationship with diving is very shallow, it seems likely to expand in the future, because in the history of Glashütte original (predecessor period) also produced aviation watches, military instruments, etc., so the diving watch may be the first step, of course, the current office does not have this The argument is just a personal guess. Closer to home, the SeaQ series is a professional diving watch and the only diving watch series ever sold by Glashütte.

The market has always lacked German high-end sports watches

In the process of the revival of the German watch, the route of awakening historical memory with the classics has always dominated. Although some small brands are doing sports watches other than formal watches, high-end sports watches have always been lacking. PP has Nautilus and “Grenade”, Vacheron Constantin has a wide range of seas, Audemars Piguet has Royal Oak and Royal Oak offshore, Blancpain has 50 baht… Almost all high-end brands have sports watches, but the two most important watches The original representatives of Lange and Glashütte have not yet, and the watch fans who like the watch are expected to be too long.

This year, Glashütte’s original brings the SeaQ series, which adds to this gap to some extent. In fact, Glashütte’s original post did not launch sports watches, but they have since retired, leaving only the classic styles of the MP series, the retro series, the women’s watch series, and some high-end complex watches. In recent years, the sports watch market is very hot, and with the influence of the market, the brands have begun to lower the entry threshold, so the price-performance, durable and durable sports watch has become an area that needs to be developed.

Glashütte’s original diving watch nine years ago

In fact, as early as 2010, Glashütte original has a diving watch – SPORT EVOLUTION series Panorama Date diving watch. At that time, the diving watch was equipped with a Cal.39-42 self-winding movement, power reserve for 40 hours, waterproof 200 meters, vaulted bezel, screw-in crown, and crown shoulder. This watch is priced at more than 60,000, according to the current price, it is cheaper than Rolex’s water ghost, but aside from the brand factor, all aspects are indeed better for the configuration of the water ghost. This dive watch has not been updated until this year’s SeaQ diving watch.

SeaQ diving watch

This year, Glashütte has launched three versions of the SeaQ diving watch, the regular version of the SeaQ diving watch, the SeaQ Panorama Date diving watch and the SeaQ 1969 replica diving watch. The first two are unlimited, with steel chains, rubber straps, and fabric straps. The seat 1969 is limited to 69 pieces, with rubber straps and fabric straps to choose from.

In terms of size, both the limited edition and the regular version have a diameter of 39.5 mm and a thickness of 12.15 mm. It is a moderate size for diving watches. The large calendar version has a diameter of 43.5 mm and a thickness of 15.65 mm. The size is completely larger than the previous large calendar version. Although in terms of the current diving watch market, the diameter of the three watches is more acceptance, the thickness of the large calendar version is quite scary, swatch for men with thick wrists. The specific situation has been described in detail before the station, you can click to view (German luxury diving watch strong return).

In general, the Glashütte original SeaQ watch has the potential to explode. The large scale dial has a high degree of recognition, and the selection is rich. From the entry to the higher version, there is also a diving watch that has been revived as a watch. A certain market base. Therefore, this watch will have a good response in the circle of German watch fans, but if you want to become a burst, it will take time to precipitate, and it may become an addition to the Rolex Water Ghost and Blancpain Fifty Fathoms. Famous diving watch.