Extremely slim Analysis of Bulgari’s new GMT automatic chronograph

During this year’s Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show, Bulgari’s new Octo Finissimo GMT automatic chronograph renewed its current industry watch record for the fifth time. The ultra-slim appearance has gained great attention as soon as it is unveiled. As we all know, Bulgari as a professional watch brand, it’s brand style has always been at the forefront of the industry, “subversion of the regular” and “high-profile avant-garde” is a good interpretation of the style of the Bulgari watch. Today, let’s take a look at this ultra-thin Bulgari automatic chronograph.

The slimmest chronograph ever introduced by Bulgari combines traditional chronograph functions with GMT dual time zone display. The diameter of the watch is 42 mm and the whole body is made of titanium. The octagonal design inside the bezel is the hallmark of the Bulgari Octo Finissimo collection. Let the watch show a sense of power in the corners.

On the blasted titanium dial, three small dials are arranged in a staggered arrangement. At 3 o’clock, there is a home display panel with a 24-hour scale to distinguish between day and night; a 30-minute counter at 6 o’clock; and a small second at 9 o’clock. There are buttons on the side of the watch to adjust the destination time.

As the fifth time to refresh the ultra-slim automatic chronograph recorded in the industry watch, the watch is only 6.9 mm thick.

The crown is located on the other side, with black ceramic on the top and a non-slip texture around the crown for easy adjustment. There are timing buttons on the top and bottom of the crown.The back of the Bulgari OCTO FINISSIMO GMT automatic chronograph has a transparent design, and the outer oscillating weight allows the wearer to appreciate the charm of the movement. It is equipped with a BVL318 mechanical movement and is only 3.3 mm thick. Its integrated movement is a model that breaks the boundaries of technology and interprets the ultimate craft aesthetics.

The watch bracelet is also made of sandblasted titanium, with a folding clasp on the bracelet and engraved with the BVLGARI classic logo.

The shape of the Bulgari Octo collection is also unique, and it has become a self-contained one since its inception. It has also established the industry benchmark for ultra-thin watches with the Finissimo watch. This Octo Finissimo GMT automatic chronograph follows the principles of the fifth element of the Octo series – pursuing a purely ideal state, once again highlighting Bulgari’s in-depth knowledge of fine watchmaking. The official price of this watch: 142,000RMB, will be released at the beginning of August, and interested friends can prepare to try and buy at Bulgari’s major stores.

The geeks in the watch are recommended by three eclectic personalized watches

In addition to the practical value of daily viewing, the watch will also be used as a collection to wear accessories or play. Today, the watch family is going to introduce the three watches for you. They refuse to follow the trend, and the bold design of the exterior design is a representative of the “rebellious” in the watch.

Athens watch whimsy series 2053-32/03 watch

Watch Comments: This Freak Out watch is made of titanium and equipped with a UN-205 homemade hand-wound movement. There is neither a dial nor a pointer, and the watch displays time through the movement of the movement. The lower deck is connected to the center of the watch like an hour display, while the upper deck contains a set of gears, a hairspring and a unique two-way  crystal escapement for the Athens watch, which is extremely recognizable.

 Roger Dubuis EXCALIBUR (king series) RDDBEX0750 watch

Watch Comments: The Excalibur Huracán watch is the second important series after Roger Dubuis and Lamborghini. The watch is made of a combination of anti-allergic, low-corrosion titanium and 18K gold. It is designed with many aesthetic features of Lamborghini. The bezel is a unique triangular crater of the King’s collection with black digital hour markers. The iconic carbon atom hexagon of the Huracán super-run is applied to the watch for a strong visual impact. The 12 o’clock position has a 12-degree tilting balance design, and the structure of the suspension system fixed on the balance wheel bridge is more conspicuous. At 6 o’clock, there is a calendar window displayed in the car chronograph font. It can be said that it is a Lamborghini worn on the hand.

Hublot BIG BANG series 418.NX.1107.RX.MXM19 watch

Watch Comments: This year’s new Big Bang Sang Bleu II tattoo watch is made of titanium. The dial uses a sophisticated line design to create a three-dimensional visual experience. The dial is divided into a 60-minute outer dial, a 12-hour inner dial and two sub-dial. The pointer element consists of two narrow diamonds, two hexagons, and a straight and slender pointer. A hexagonal chronograph minute hand was placed at the 3 o’clock position and the 9 o’clock position of the dial to rotate in the two small discs on the dial. The straight, slender hand is a chronograph second hand that rotates around the 60-minute outer dial. Do you understand this tattoo watch made with geometric figures?

       Summary: The above three watches are based on the ordinary watch based on the bold and avant-garde innovative design. The style is simple but unique. But at the same time, their prices are also more expensive. If you are looking for a distinctive watch that is different, they may be your choice.

What is the watch for summer vacation? Three 6 to 70,000 dual time zone watches recommended

Summer is the peak season for tourism, and many people choose to travel in the summer. When you want to travel to other countries and cities across time zones, a dual time zone watch can display the local time and home time at the same time, eliminating the tedious and convenient calculation. Today, the watch house recommends several dual time zone watches to accompany you to every corner of the world.

IWC IWC Pilot Series IW327101

Watch Comments: IWC watched a new Spitfire fighter pilot’s dual time zone watch this year, using the brand’s self-made movement cal.82710. The bronze case is matched with the olive green dial. In terms of face value, the new watch of Wanguo is doing well this year. The setting of the dual time zone is also interesting. It is the UTC display at the 12 o’clock position to read the home time, and the time in the second time zone can be adjusted by rotating the crown in the middle gear. Part of the 82710 self-made movements is made of ceramic and has a power reserve of 60 hours.

Omega Seamaster Series Watch

Watch Comments: The Omega Seahorse series has also produced a dual time zone model, which was launched by Omega at the time with the GoodPlanet Foundation. This watch features white and blue as the main color, and a lacquered white dial with a blue hour mark, indicated by a blue pointer coated with a luminous coating. The inner circle of the dial is provided with a 24-hour GMT scale, and the end is painted with a red pointer to indicate the time in the second time zone. The reading is intuitive and clear. The Omega 8605 caliber has a double barrel and the power reserve is 60 hours.

Cartier DRIVE DE CARTIER series WSNM0005 watch

Watch Comments: Cartier Drive de Cartier dual-time zone day and night display watch, in addition to the dual time zone function, on the dial at 3 o’clock and 4 o’clock position also has a day and night display function, which can better distinguish between day and night. The pillowcase is paired with a silver-plated dial, and the Roman numerals and sword-shaped blue steel hands are familiar design elements. This watch is powered by the Cartier 1904 -FU MC-type workshop with a self-winding mechanical movement that powers the watch.

Summary: Dual time zones can display time in two different time zones at the same time, which is very convenient for business people who like to travel or travel frequently. If you have a watchmaker who has purchased a dual time zone watch in the near future, consider these three watches.

Tanabata Valentine’s Day Come to Beijing SKP to be the most romantic man

The annual Valentine’s Day is coming again. Are you ready for the Chinese Valentine’s Day gift? How can you emerge in the fancy show’s big army and become the most romantic one? Today, the watch family recommends to you a collection of delicious, fun and beautiful dating spots – Beijing SKP.

       In this warm and romantic August, Beijing SKP, the high-end fashion department store in Beijing, launched the “SKP Jewelry Watch Festival” event, and multiple surprise events were presented. Why don’t you take this “good opportunity”, take a lover to visit, eat a delicious candlelight dinner, and pair it with a pair of exquisite couple watches, who can resist this romantic Qixi?

Blancpain Blancpain

Recommended reason: Blancpain’s Fifty Fathoms series is highly popular, which is inseparable from the brand’s exquisite craftsmanship and elegant design. This Blancpain Fifty Fathoms full moon phase flies back to the chronograph. In the design of the sporty appearance, the connotation of the moon phase display function and the flyback timing function are more ingenious. The iconic Blancpain moon face is lively and interesting, and Blancpain’s ladies’ watch is equally beautiful. The soft curve design on the dial of the Blancpain watch on the right brings out the lady’s slim body. The 152 pieces of diamonds on the bezel are double-circle design, which interacts with the rose gold case, highlighting the delicate and full design aesthetic of the watch.

       Jaquet Droz Jacques Del

Recommended reason: Jacques de Rodriguez’s watch design is full of enjoyable, and the brand’s iconic 8-character dial adds a unique and mysterious flavor to the brand. Compared with the ordinary large second-hand watch, this silver two-seat large second-hand watch has increased the five continents plan and the 24-hour original place of residence display in the original large second hand. The wet spray process makes the map more undulating. The elegant 8 series ladies’ watch on the right is made of synthetic ruby ​​heart with a dial set with 68 diamonds and a buckle set with 23 diamonds. Elegant and noble, the value is impressive, only limited to 28.

       Roger Dubuis Roger Dubuis

Recommended reason: The strong pioneering design of Roger Dubuis’s King series is reflected in every watch. This men’s watch is crafted from a solid black DLC titanium case with a classic “Astral Skeleton” to create a three-dimensional visual effect. The women’s watch on the right side is also made of black DLC titanium alloy with 48 white diamonds on the bezel. The time-scale design on the dial is unique and novel, highlighting the purity and youthfulness of women.

       Vacheron Constantin Vacheron Constantin

Recommended reason: Vacheron Constantin, as a luxury watchmaking brand, has been building extraordinary timepieces since 1755. This heritage series double retrograde display watch is the first blue model of the series, which is matched with 18K 5N pink gold to show the elegant gentleman style. When the pointer with the arrow goes to the end, it can return instantly, and the fun and movement of the dial is played. The women’s watch on the right side of the Creative Time series is a glimpse of a luxurious, sparkling wristband. The dial is inlaid with diamonds. The classic Roman numerals are displayed at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock.

       OMEGA Omega

Recommended reason: This year is the 50th anniversary of Omega Speedmaster’s moon landing, and several unique Super master watches are very eye-catching. This Omega Speedmaster is made of black ceramic for the case, the chronograph hands are decorated with yellow lacquer, and the speed scale is covered with Super-LumiNova luminous coating. The blackened hollow dial is like the moon that people observe from the earth. The Ladymatic women’s watch on the right is equipped with a white mother-of-pearl dial with a ray pattern. The dial has a diamond hour scale. The bezel and bracelet links are embellished with a large number of diamonds in a snowflake inlay to show the unique charm of women.

       Panerai Panerai

Recommended reason: This Panerai Sneak Series watch is the latest model of the first anti-magnetic watch. Thanks to the soft iron special inner shell, a special screen is formed for the watch to isolate the movement from the magnetic field flow. A matte black ceramic disc with a rotating titanium-embellished bezel. The bezel will only rotate counterclockwise to avoid interference with the calculation of the dive time due to accidental shock, and the waterproof depth is 300 meters. On the right, the LUMINOR DUE series watch, 38 mm diameter, 11.2 mm thickness, with a lively pretty green strap, is fresh and suiwatch for ladies who like large diameters.


Recommended reason: Rolex’s log-type watches, whether aesthetic or functional, are classics that can withstand the torrent of the times. Different types of log-type watches can still maintain a unique aesthetic style after years of baptism. The right-hand women’s log type is only 28 mm, which is very suiwatch for women with elegant wrists.

        Longines Longines

Recommended reason: This Longines pioneer series men’s watch is 40 mm in diameter and the silver sun-patterned dial is decorated with 12 bar-shaped hour markers. Equipped with the L888.4 self-winding mechanical movement to maintain precise travel performance. The women’s watch on the right side is 26 mm in diameter, with a diamond-encrusted case and a white mother-of-pearl dial with 12 diamond hour markers. Equipped with the L592.4 self-winding mechanical movement, both watches are certified by the Swiss Observatory for “precision timers”.

Which is better than Blancpain and Rolex watches?

In the field of diving watches, the top one is the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms, which is the Rolex submarine type (commonly known as “water ghost”). When many followers want to get a diving watch, do you consider the 50 points in the initial time? Although it is a submersible type, there are many situations in between, and it is better to choose which one is better.

Brand positioning

Rolex is very famous in China, but the real status in the watch industry is worse than Platinum. Rolex is a luxury brand, at the same time, Omega, IWC, etc.

As the best watch, Blancpain has a rating with Patek Emerald and Vacheron Constantin, and its price and status are better than Rolex.

Appearance style

The 40 mm diameter upstart temperament water ghost is made of 904L stainless steel, dog eye ceramic wheel, large time slot, steel belt, screw-in crown, shoulder, tight bottom, medium gauge torque It is seen, but the case of the oyster-style design for decades has quite a taste of the sea tyrant.

Blancpain’s 50-meter diameter is 43 mm, more refined than Rolex’s rudeness, slender surface contours, tiny teeth, no shoulders, transparent back, like a literary youth, elegantly dissatisfied.

Movement and performance

The 3135 movement, certified by a Swiss Observatory equipped with Rolex Water, has strong magnetic reluctance and high stability with a duration of only 48 hours. You do not have to adjust the time every time you install it once every other day. Sustainability is also moderate in the middle

The Blancpain Fifty Fathoms is equipped with 1315 movements, which are finely polished and have a kinetic energy of 120 hours. The five-day hand on the watch also acts in the same way. It can be said to be a conscience movement for lazy people.

Waterproof performance: Rolex Water Ghost and Blancpain Fifty Fathoms? The same is 300 meters of waterproof, in the harsh environment, Rolex’s luminous reading function is obviously beneficial.

Price and market conditions

Neither is the official price list. The biggest concern for everyone when buying is this problem.

How much can I buy?

Rolex’s submariner, because the public price is about 70,000, the output is low, the supply is not on-demand, the secondary market cooking phenomenon is serious, the premium has reached more than 90,000 Baopo 50? The price of the series ranges from 80,000 to more than 200,000, and the entry fee is between 80,000 and 100,000. Pope is a new dive. I have invested in insurance at the collectors.

Water Ghost and Blancpain Fifty Fathoms? How do you choose?

The two brand watches have their own characteristics. Practically speaking, the water ghost is easier to use, and the Rolex stretch button can adjust the length.

What is the watch to buy around 60,000?

I found that many watch friends have budgets of around 50,000 to 60,000. I will recommend you a watch with a price of around 60,000 today. I hope you can buy your favorite watch!

IWC Iowa Fino series IW356504 mechanical men’s watch

This IWC watch features a milky white dial with a gold hour markers and a willow stitch. The date window is set at 3 o’clock and the rose gold case is polished and polished. With a brown alligator strap, the warmth gives a warm feeling.

The watch’s sealed bottom design provides 30 meters of water-repellent texture with a delicate pattern on the back of the Portofino harbor. The watch is powered by the Cal.35111 caliber, which is based on the Sellita SW300 and offers a 42-hour power reserve.

Panerai Panerai Luminor Series PAM00372 Mechanical Men’s Watch

Evergreen from the Luminor collection. The Panerai, which used to produce military-grade watches for the Italian Navy, brought 100 meters of water resistance to this watch. On the black dial are luminous hands and Arabic numerals, which are very clear.

This movement has a double barrel for 3-day power reserve and a more recognizable 3⁄4 splint. The large and small splints cover most of the moving parts and are fixed by a series of thick screws. The bottom splint forms an extremely consolidated structure. It is equipped with the brand’s classic 47mm case, which has a diameter of 161⁄2 cents (37.2 mm) and is fully compliant with the principle of “large case should be equipped with a large movement”.

Amida Armand Nicolet Antique Movement Limited Series S780AAA-AS-PI0780NA Mechanical Men’s Watch

Almeida’s 140th Anniversary Global Limited 50 pieces. With the theme of the 140th anniversary of the brand, Almeida has customized the exclusive watch for Chinese consumers for the first time, with a limited edition of 50 pieces worldwide. The matte dial is simple and clean, with rose gold willow pointer and strip time scale, simple big three needles and date display.

The watch has a back-to-back design and is equipped with an antique movement AN0703A. It is derived from the AS1883 movement, which was produced in 1967 and was modified in 2014. After careful polishing and commissioning by Emmeta, it uses a hand-crafted craft to decorate the Geneva pattern. The antique movement with years of precipitation is of great value and is worthy of collectors’ investment. Paired with a large phosphorus crocodile belt, with black as the main tone, with 18k rose gold pin buckle, luxurious and elegant.

Jaeger Lecoultre Master Series Q1548171 Mechanical Men’s Watch

Most of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s collections have a classic and simple dial design. This is no exception. The delicate round case has been polished and polished, with an ink-black sundial and a silver inverted cone pointer scale, 6 o’clock, 9 o’clock, 12 o’clock. The position is the Arabic numerals, the date is displayed at 3 o’clock, and the classic three-handed, classic atmosphere.

The watch movement is equipped with Cal.899/1, power reserve for 43 hours, 28800 oscillations per hour, and the 39mm dial size is very delicate, suiwatch for most people to wear. The stainless steel bracelet with folding clasp is comforwatch to wear.

Constance Frederique Constant’s own movement series FC-705C4S9 mechanical men’s watch

The ancient moon phase legend brings endless romance and delusion to people. The moon phase watch always gives people a mysterious feeling. Just like the 30 men, the more they look, the more delicious they are. The mature man Liu Qingyun chose this Constance. Moon phase watch. This 18K rose gold watch has a precise moon phase and date function. In order to maintain the elegance of the moon phase, the dark brown dial has boldly removed the second hand, suiwatch for business cooperation or formal occasions.

Through the back of the watch design, you can see that the interior is equipped with an exclusive modified movement FC-705, power storage for 40 hours, swatch and durable, with its own design of the hollow oscillating weight, and advanced grinding technology to make the movement become more Exquisite.

Omega Hippocampus Series Mechanical Men’s Watch

This Omega is an explosion. Since its introduction in 1957, the hippocampus has been one of Omega’s most popular series. The message from many friends is enough to confirm the authenticity of this sentence. This seahorse features a large blue area that blends with the ocean theme and a vertical stripe on the dial. The luminous time scale is very eye-catching, ensuring an accurate reading.

The 38.5mm dial is very delicate and compact. The month display, the observatory certification, and the date display. The date and week of the three o’clock position are horizontally distributed, and the white background is blue and clear. The blue alligator strap is worn comfortably to fit the wrist.

Paco Paul Picot FIRSHIRE Dreamer Series P0459.SRG.1232.1604 Mechanical Men’s Watch

Made of 316L stainless steel and 18K rose gold, this sleek case has a smooth line and a full calendar moon phase. Rose gold claw scale, ivory white dial, set against the sun, showing the useful functions of the week, date, month and month.

This watch is limited to 200 pieces, and the back of the watch is designed to clearly see the limited number. The advanced bow-shaped tortoise made exclusively by Paco is made of tungsten alloy and 18k is a decorative board, which can reduce the winding time by 20%. The models with the same strength and strength are very reliable.

Ebike Eberhard CHRONO 4 Series 31060.01 CU Mechanical Men’s Watch

According to Baike, everyone has pushed it to the present. Presumably, you also have a general impression. The four-wheel-drive timing is still a bit of awesome. The 46mm large dial is matched with a rubber belt and is domineering. The silver dial has a concentric design, a three-dimensional strip hour scale, a publicized three-needle, and a red second hand is very eye-catching.

Wearing this watch is not a low-key, low-key, and will not easily hit the watch,  if you have a strong wrist, don’t miss it, definitely add points.

Omega mechanical watch error standard _ What is the normal error of Omega?

What is the error standard for Omega mechanical watches?

Omega watch error tolerance is 30 seconds/day, the average error of the Observatory-certified movement is between -4 seconds/day to +6 seconds/day, the specific error according to the movement of the Omega watches The reason is that the higher the price, the smaller the error of the Omega watch. The power source of the Omega mechanical watch is the swing of the wearer’s wrist to generate energy to wind the spring. A fully-rolled Omega mechanical watch can last for about 36 hours: if it is normal to wear every day, If it is operated for about 15 hours, if it is not worn or shaken for more than the above time, it will cause the Omega watch to stop. Before wearing it again, it should be wound on the Omega watch.

When talking about a car, you might talk about the acceleration problem. When you talk about a mobile phone, you will look at battery life and memory data. But when you talk about a watch, its accuracy is not a place for publicity.

Because mechanical watches are physical factors, there will always be errors. Therefore, it is normal to have a few seconds per day. It takes more than 80,000 seconds to go, and the watch with an error of 10 seconds is very accurate. But when we spend tens of thousands or more to buy a watch, we still nitpickingly want it to be accurate for a second or two. Why?

The accuracy of the watch is a kind of talk

Just as we discuss the income of the workplace, the speed of the car, and the endurance of the phone, we will regard this function as a convention. In fact, the tourbillons produced by major brands can indeed improve performance, but they are limited to the case where the (generally stationary) balance is vertically aligned. On the watch, the tourbillon is difficult to achieve because the wearer has been moving his wrist in various ways. How many hundreds of thousands of newly purchased tourbillon mechanical watches will be more accurate than just tens of thousands of watches without a tourbillon?

In many cases, it does not. The appearance of the tourbillon’s watch must look taller and cooler, so having this kind of “cool” has become a kind of talk.

The accuracy of the watch itself is a hard indicator

Any international or professional standard for watches must involve the concept of precision. All the powerful watch factories and organizations are constantly updating the standards because of the improvement of modern watchmaking technology.

For example, the Precision Timepiece Observatory certification standard, the movement certification test must be controlled at -4/+6 seconds a day. Rolex’s top-level observatory certification, updated in 2015, requires an average daily difference of -2/+2 seconds after the watch is assembled. In 2017, Patek Philippe has improved the accuracy of watches too -1/+2s per day in the watch of the most advanced technology research topics. The Patek Philippe imprint, which was used in 2009, requires accuracy of -3/+2s per day.

However, we must also be clear that the accuracy of the watch, in addition to its own quality, has a lot to do with the daily wearing habits of the watch friends. We should not tangle the accuracy of the watch to the accuracy of the zero error every day.

The accuracy of the watch can not be a measure of the value of a watch. In the mature environment of modern watchmaking technology, we can control the precision to a very subtle level, and then it is of little significance.

Accuracy is the basis for us to judge whether the watch has problems.

At the same time, it is worth noting that the accuracy of a watch is often a reference for us to determine whether it needs repair and maintenance. Most watch friends do not configure the watch’s testing equipment at home. When a watch is worn properly if the watch is found to go faster and sometimes slower, the most direct performance is that the daily error is very unswatch, then We can basically judge that there is a problem with the watch. It needs to be tested. It may be magnetic. It may be because there is a problem inside the bump.

The better the overall consumer feels, the higher the accuracy of the movement. Usually, it is also true that consumers themselves discover the brands they believe most, such as Rolex.

Accuracy is of great significance to the brand

From the brand point of view, the accuracy of the watch is a good propaganda point to establish a brand image. The higher the precision, the better the watchmaking level. Rolex dares to publicly claim that its top-level observatory-certified watches can reach a daily error of -2/+2s per day, after a series of simulated wearing tests, and Rolex’s annual output is close to one million watches so that so many watches can achieve this precision. It is really shocking, and Rolex has done it, this is its value.

People in the watch industry often say that “people wear watches no longer to see the time.” Throughout history, any major watchmaking technological innovations are dedicated to further improving the performance of watches. For watchmakers, precision is the belief. And for us, in fact, it doesn’t matter if the watch is a few seconds a day, so the accuracy of the watch we talk about is more about the connection between the watch and our daily life.

Witness the love with time, give the girlfriend a gift for the Tanabata gift

It’s time to go to the annual Valentine’s Day. It’s said that this day is the day when the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl meet, and you can see the Altair and Vega under the vine. Today, Tanabata has evolved into a special Valentine’s Day in China, expressing love to those who like it. Witnessing love with time, the watch family recommends three beautiful watches for you, which can be used as gifts for Tanabata to beloved ones.

Omega disc flying series 428.

Watch Comments: The shape of the ladies’ watches in the Omega Discs is very elegant and very popular among girls. With a diameter of 36 mm, this watch is very slim and can be used to bring out a slim wrist. The curves show smooth curves on both sides and are also set with delicate diamonds. Paired with Omega’s special gradient burgundy red lacquer dial, the dial features a unique transfer of Roman numerals, the hands are chrome-plated, and the red strap and the disc complement each other. Omega has created a fashion-forward ladies’ watch with its unique design aesthetics.

Cartier PANTHÈRE DE CARTIER series WSPN0007 (medium)

Watch Comments: Cartier needless to say, girls, have always had a soft spot for Cartier, is the best choice as a gift. In addition to the blue balloons, the Cheetah series watches are equally elegant and elegant. This watch inherits the iconic design of the Cheetah series, with a classic square shape and a silver-plated dial. The Roman numeral hour markers on the dial and the sword-shaped blue steel hands are Cartier’s highly recognizable design. The flexible five-row chain strap is also very eye-catching, exquisite and beautiful, and comforwatch to wear.

Piaget POSSESSION Series G0A43090

Watch Comments: The Piaget Possession series is unforgetwatch with its signature rotating bezel. This watch is also true. In addition to a 360-degree rotation, the bezel is inlaid with a half-moon diamond that rotates with the fingertips. The dial is also set with 11 diamonds and is designed with a simple and generous double stitch. Where is the crown? The crown is placed at the center of the back of the watch and can be adjusted with professional tools.

Summary: In this beautiful festival of Tanabata, boldly confess to the people you like, let love flow in time. The prices of the three watches introduced to you above are between 30,000 and 40,000. I hope everyone can like them. Finally, I wish you all a sweet love.

Swiss beauty watch Thanksgiving day gift to give you the person to thank gift

When moving forward toward a goal, Huo Ran stopped and looked back. He always found that there was too much to remember. Thanks to my loved ones, we will raise and raise us up with our hardships; thank you for your love, no matter whether it is rain or shine, we will always give up on us; thank you, friends, help us when we are in trouble, and accompany us along the way. The sincere gratitude can be expressed in words and can be carried on the object. In this year’s Thanksgiving season, Meidu dedication to two watches, the grateful heart into a sunny smile to bloom the wrist, giving the best and sincere wishes; turning into a constant source of power to help him in life Going forward on the road.

BARONCELLI “SMILE” ladies watch

Why do the inner feelings of the heart need to be expressed in words, he tied his heart and sincere wishes to her wrist. BARONCELLI’s “SMILE” ladies’ watch inherits the solemn and simple style of the Rennes Opera in France, blending its delicate curves and elegant contours into the watch design, giving this watch unique and elegant femininity. The 33 mm diameter silver dial is embellished with Roman numerals, and the silver diamond cutting hands are slowly on it. The date window at 6 o’clock is surrounded by twelve natural diamonds, and the figures on both sides of the circle are combined to create a smiley face, which makes the smile bloom forever in the wrist. Give this watch to the lover, thank her for all the way along with the storm, and promise her permanent happiness, and wish her a happy smile to meet every day of happiness. The stainless steel strap is connected with the silver dial, which is seamless and elegant. It looks like a bright moonlight, illuminating this warm and full-day, guarding the pure and sincere love. Through the transparent bottom cover, you can see the meticulously carved movement of the United States, accurately record the flow of time, and tell the moving chapter, remembering it.

MULTI FORM helmsman series multi-function sports chronograph

On the way to your dreams and success, you don’t have to worry about exhaustion and embarrassment, because friends are always the energy supply station around you. No matter where you go, they always offer constant care and help, so that your footsteps are firm and full. power. The MULTI FORM Helmsman’s Multi-Function Sports Chronograph is a good gift that rewards gratitude and expresses wishes by inheriting the classic appearance of the helmsman series that can withstand the test of the times, and incorporating the passion of speed and speed. The 44 mm diameter stainless steel dial is decorated with Geneva ripples, like the waves under the Harbour Bridge, and it is full of heroic temperament. The watch is displayed with a mid-second chronograph hand and a minute chronograph at 3 o’clock; a small seconds at 9 o’clock, a black dial with a red pointer, and the spirit of every second, wishing him a gallop on the track of life. Going forward. The pointers are super-LumiNova® luminous, free from time constraints, making nighttime readings equally clear and convenient. The stainless steel strap with folding clasp will show a sense of masculine. The interior is equipped with a Caliber 60 fully automatic mechanical movement. The support of long-term kinetic energy storage makes the multi-function timekeeping more durable and powerful. It provides a constant supply of strength for the brave partners, and it has a long-lasting waiting. MULTI FORM helmsman series multi-function sports chronograph watch Bring this deep affection to the wrist.

Mido BARONCELLI series “SMILE” ladies watch

Movement ETA 2824-2 automatic mechanical movement, 111⁄2”’, diameter 25.60 mm, thickness 4.60 mm, 25 drills, 28,800 swings per hour. The carefully decorated blue screws, the finely crafted movement with blue screws, and the automatic oscillating weight are carefully engraved with the Geneva ripples and MIDO logo. Time, minute and second date. Three different locations test the accuracy of the test.

Mido MULTI FORM helmsman series multi-function sports chronograph

Movement Caliber 60 fully automatic mechanical movement, diameter 30 mm, thickness 7.9 mm, 25 drills, 28,800 swings/hour. The finely crafted movement is decorated with blue screws and the oscillating weight engraves the Geneva ripples and MIDO logo. Five directions adjust their travel time accuracy.

What is the law of men’s dress watch matching?

For women, cosmetics and clothing have a natural appeal, and for men, the most attractive is nothing more than two, one is to let yourself experience the driving pleasure and can fill the facade of the car, and the other is to cultivate the sentiment Some small items such as bracelets, walnuts, and watches.

Among these treasures, the watch is undoubtedly the most fashionable and practical. Although the watch is beautiful, it is also a decorative object. When attending the event and putting on the formal dress, it must also be accompanied by a decent watch. How to match the neat appearance is a headache. The following is the men’s dress watch with six rules, let’s take a look.

Men’s dress watch matching rules

1. Compared to those dazzling and complicated watches, the simple black and white disc watch is more suiwatch for your identity.

2. The heavy case is not practical in the formal dressing, the thinner the watch worn on your hand, the better.

3. The rounded case is the most secure model, it will look sane and modest; the barrel or square shape is also OK, not rigid, giving the impression that it is easy to accept new things; Don’t try it, it will give you a strong sense of style.

4. The pure gold watch is not bad, it does have the function of maintaining value. However, Jin Cancan’s dizzying watch is still ineviwatch. In contrast, steel and titanium will look more graceful. If you really like gold, choose rose gold.

5. Choose black or dark brown crocodile leather strap, snakeskin is more suiwatch for young people who like a punk.

6. The basic waterproof and date function is enough for daily use. A heavy-duty watch with a drain valve and a bold scale bezel is more suiwatch for casual wear. Be aware that you are a business person first, then a non-professional sportsman.

Men’s formal watch recommended

Recommend one:

Omega Omega-Disc Fly Series 424. Men’s Mechanical Watch

This watch not only meets the needs of popularity, playability and technical performance, but this gold watch looks luxurious. The decorative ornament on the dial, the vivid moon phase pattern on the upper right side of the disk, and the retro-style Roman numeral hour mark have an excellent background for the wearer’s identity and temperament.

For men who arrive in China for the year, the watch is very suiwatch for their age and aesthetics. It also allows them to better show the charm and grace of mature men. This recommendation can help everyone.