Can Glashütte’s 0riginal Innovative Diving Watch Become An Explosion?

In May, the six high-end brands under the Swatch Group released new products in 2019. Some new products are worthy of attention. One of them is Glashütte’s original SeaQ series. The official name is “Expert Series”, named The relationship with diving is very shallow, it seems likely to expand in the future, because in the history of Glashütte original (predecessor period) also produced aviation watches, military instruments, etc., so the diving watch may be the first step, of course, the current office does not have this The argument is just a personal guess. Closer to home, the SeaQ series is a professional diving watch and the only diving watch series ever sold by Glashütte.

The market has always lacked German high-end sports watches

In the process of the revival of the German watch, the route of awakening historical memory with the classics has always dominated. Although some small brands are doing sports watches other than formal watches, high-end sports watches have always been lacking. PP has Nautilus and “Grenade”, Vacheron Constantin has a wide range of seas, Audemars Piguet has Royal Oak and Royal Oak offshore, Blancpain has 50 baht… Almost all high-end brands have sports watches, but the two most important watches The original representatives of Lange and Glashütte have not yet, and the watch fans who like the watch are expected to be too long.

This year, Glashütte’s original brings the SeaQ series, which adds to this gap to some extent. In fact, Glashütte’s original post did not launch sports watches, but they have since retired, leaving only the classic styles of the MP series, the retro series, the women’s watch series, and some high-end complex watches. In recent years, the sports watch market is very hot, and with the influence of the market, the brands have begun to lower the entry threshold, so the price-performance, durable and durable sports watch has become an area that needs to be developed.

Glashütte’s original diving watch nine years ago

In fact, as early as 2010, Glashütte original has a diving watch – SPORT EVOLUTION series Panorama Date diving watch. At that time, the diving watch was equipped with a Cal.39-42 self-winding movement, power reserve for 40 hours, waterproof 200 meters, vaulted bezel, screw-in crown, and crown shoulder. This watch is priced at more than 60,000, according to the current price, it is cheaper than Rolex’s water ghost, but aside from the brand factor, all aspects are indeed better for the configuration of the water ghost. This dive watch has not been updated until this year’s SeaQ diving watch.

SeaQ diving watch

This year, Glashütte has launched three versions of the SeaQ diving watch, the regular version of the SeaQ diving watch, the SeaQ Panorama Date diving watch and the SeaQ 1969 replica diving watch. The first two are unlimited, with steel chains, rubber straps, and fabric straps. The seat 1969 is limited to 69 pieces, with rubber straps and fabric straps to choose from.

In terms of size, both the limited edition and the regular version have a diameter of 39.5 mm and a thickness of 12.15 mm. It is a moderate size for diving watches. The large calendar version has a diameter of 43.5 mm and a thickness of 15.65 mm. The size is completely larger than the previous large calendar version. Although in terms of the current diving watch market, the diameter of the three watches is more acceptance, the thickness of the large calendar version is quite scary, swatch for men with thick wrists. The specific situation has been described in detail before the station, you can click to view (German luxury diving watch strong return).

In general, the Glashütte original SeaQ watch has the potential to explode. The large scale dial has a high degree of recognition, and the selection is rich. From the entry to the higher version, there is also a diving watch that has been revived as a watch. A certain market base. Therefore, this watch will have a good response in the circle of German watch fans, but if you want to become a burst, it will take time to precipitate, and it may become an addition to the Rolex Water Ghost and Blancpain Fifty Fathoms. Famous diving watch.

What Is The Geneva Seal?

The so-called Geneva Seal (Geneva Seal or Point? on de Genève), in today’s marketing terminology, can be said to be a quality assurance mark like “positive mark” or “Taiwan boutique”.

In the same year, the watchmaking industry in the Geneva area, in order to protect the watches produced in the Geneva area, to avoid the watchmaking of other places or countries, to sell the inferior products with the name “Made in Geneva”, so in 1886 The “French law” was established by the Geneva Watch and Clock Association which was produced in accordance with the law. Once the watch has been verified, the Geneva badge with the “Eagle and Key” shield pattern can be engraved on the plywood of the movement. There are currently twelve articles. The “Geneva’s Law” has been revised many times since its inception to match the changes of the times.

“Geneva Seal Law”

The specification of the high-standard production of each part of the movement is specified in detail. Although some parts are based solely on the consideration of decorative considerations, it can fully display that the watch relies entirely on manual completion. For example, all sharp angles must be cut into bevels and then polished; the moving gears must be artificially modified and polished with boxwood, etc., and then these twelve rules are not necessarily recognized by every watchmaker or expert, plus It is only awarded to watches made in the watchmaking factory in the Geneva area, and it is also highly controversial. However, Mr. Wang Yongchang, a watch expert, once said: “The watch craftsman must follow a certain rule to complete a work, conscientious and meticulous, and rely on the spirit of perseverance to watch, in order to create a dazzling, precise and durable watch. Now some watch factories only start with the popularity of the case and the polishing on the movement splint. Consumers only see the beauty of the appearance and the bright surface of the movement, but they cannot fully understand the advantages and disadvantages of the manufacturing process inside the machine. Today, this set of rules has become the guarantee of the highest production art of watches.

Although it is not a good watch (Philippe Dufour’s Simplicity) that has not been awarded the Geneva Seal, the standards in accordance with the Geneva Seal can almost represent the fine craftsmanship.

   Indeed, the study of watch appreciation is both esoteric and noisy, and most watch fans often have the feeling of “not knowing the true face of the mountain, only in this mountain.” The Geneva Seal Law is a rigorous norm that most experts believe that “the best guarantee that every watch is made of the finest craftsmanship, technology, and materials”, so even after more than a hundred years, today is still called The best guide for watch fans to appreciate the craftsmanship of the watch, of course, is worthy of our in-depth introduction and discussion, as the first lesson of the watchmaker to explore the ultimate watchmaking process.

   In the same year, the watchmaking industry in the Geneva area, in order to protect the watches produced in the Geneva area, avoiding the watches made by other places or countries, and selling the inferior products with the name “Made in Geneva”, so in 1886 by Geneva. The watchmaking industry has established the “Genel’s Law”. Verification, the Geneva badge logo of the “Eagle and Key” shield pattern can be engraved on the plywood of the movement. At present, there are a total of 12 “Geneva Rules” which have been revised many times so far to cope with the changes of the times.

IK Colouring Watch Introduction

If you want a watch brand that looks good and cost-effective, looks good and not expensive. You can choose the IK Colouring watch.

IK Colouring watches are the second-tier brands in China.

IK Colouring has been at the forefront of the mid-range watch fashion route, with strong advantages and competitiveness in design and production. In 2008, we opened up the domestic market and attached importance to online sales channels.

IK Colouring is a well-known watch brand in Hong Kong. Watches are sold in Taiwan, Korea, Germany, Europe and other parts of the world. From 1993 to 2005, IK Colouring brand watches were mainly foreign trade and gained a good reputation overseas, which was deeply loved by people. In 2005, he gradually turned his attention to the mainland and opened the Continental Tour of IK Colouring watches.

IK Colouring watches are divided into alloy plating shells and steel shells. The case is made of imported Australian metal, which is fully polished, with bright lustre and distinctive personality. Fitted with the design of the hand, the effect of the watch is more attractive and beautiful, so that you can feel the honour at all times.

IK Colouring is committed to learning the movements and hollowing techniques from Switzerland, paying tribute to the pioneers and opening up a new world of the Chinese watch industry. In the selection of the movement, the IK Colouring quartz watch adopts the movements of Japan and Switzerland, and the movement of the mechanical watch uses the movement produced by the domestic large factory.

The IK Colouring brand watch has 1ATM (10m waterproof at rest), also known as waterproof, 3ATM (30m waterproof at rest). 100% water test method is adopted to ensure different degrees of water-resistance of the watch.

How about IK Colouring watches?

In 1993, Xinxin Jingcheng Watch established the design, research and development, manufacturing and production base of watches and clocks in Guangzhou, focusing on the design, research and development, manufacturing and production of watches. Today, it has been at the forefront of the mid-range watch fashion route, with strong advantages and competitiveness in design and production. The perfectionism of the factory makes it special in designing both the interests of young and middle-aged consumers. Stylish, classic, economical and practical products, especially good at producing similar watch products with higher cost performance than the same industry.

The imported movements of Japan and Switzerland for quartz and mechanical watches, the purchased movement and the advanced technology and advanced machines of the manufacturers located in Guangzhou are assembled to complete a perfect display of domestic brands. Lord, in 2009 to open up the domestic market, began to pay attention to online sales channels

IK Colouring brand design concept: English name colouring is a variety of colours, plus IK constitutes the IK Colouring brand logo, also said that IK Colouring brand watches are based on a variety of design concepts oriented IK Colouring watches. There are simple styles, all kinds of the hollow, calendar, trendy and so on.

12 Brands Make Watches Together, What Is The Result?

In the watch collection industry, old-fashioned tools have always been a popular category. The charm of this type of watch is that since the moment of its birth, it has not existed for decoration, but for the purpose of practicality. All designs are designed for “practical” service without any unnecessary modifications. As one of the sub-categories of the old military watch, this charm has been brought to the extreme. Therefore, it has always been a sought-after scent of collectors.

And we all know that the Second World War was one of the most tragic wars in human history, and many classic military watches were born at this time. What we are going to say today is a group of World War II military watches with the mysterious code name “WWW”.

I don’t explain what this code means first but from the beginning of the story, the UK. In the words of World War II, the United Kingdom imported a number of watches from Switzerland and issued them in the name of A.T.P (military trade model). In essence, these watches are still civilian watches, but they are covered by the British government. Most of them have some common features: 29-33mm chrome or steel case, silver or white. Dial, covered with luminescent materials, small three-pin, the movement has 15 gems… and more. Later, according to these characteristics, the Ministry of National Defense developed a new standard for military watches. The name of this standard is called “WWW”.

What does “WWW” mean? Don’t get me wrong, this has nothing to do with today’s website domain name. It is an acronym for the three words “Wrist, Watch, Waterproof” (wrist, watch, waterproof). However, for the watch released under this standard, there is also a common name in the circle, “The Dirty Dozen”, which is from the 1960s, a film of the same name with the theme of World War II, film It tells the story of twelve American troops making great contributions to the German battlefield. Because watches and movies are related to World War II background, and the “WWW” watch was produced by 12 Swiss watch companies, it got this nickname.

“Twelve King Kong” movie poster

It should be noted that these watches were delivered only from May to December 1945, and in May of this year, World War II was over. Therefore, the “Twelve King Kong” did not really appear in the place where they should have appeared – on the battlefield of World War II. However, they were not wasted. In the next few years, these military watches continued to circulate and were even used by other countries and regions.

Back to “WWW”, its specific criteria are as follows: the diameter of the watch needs to be between 35~38mm; the black dial; the pointer is covered with the luminous light in time; the rail-type minute scale is used; the diameter of the movement is 11.75~13, and it is equipped with 15 jewels; shock-resistant shatterproof mirror; chrome or stainless steel case; certain waterproof depth and accuracy at the observatory level. Those who meet the standard will be engraved with the British Ministry of Finance’s wide-headed arrow mark, “WWW” mark and two digits on the back of the watch. The first digit is the code name of the watchmaker, and the second digit is the code given by the military. , symbolizing the military factory.

Since the size and production capacity of the 12 contracted companies are different, the number of watches delivered by each company is also inconsistent, totaling approximately 150,000. The twelve companies are Buren, Cyma, Eterna, Grana, IWC, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Lemania, Longines, Omega, Record, Timor, Vertex. Enicar is also said to have been one of the contract manufacturers, but due to the lack of records, this has not been confirmed.

As for the last use of these watches, as mentioned above, after the end of World War II, there were still small-scale wars around the world, and the “Twelve King Kong” figures were active in these battlefields. Many of them have been renumbered and distributed to the British Commonwealth and other regions. For example, after the Royal Dutch East Indonesian Army and the local Indonesian resistance movement clashed, they took a batch of “Twelve King Kong” from the British Government. Watches are used for combat; but somehow, some of them have undergone numerous twists and turns, and they were actually taken by their enemy, the Indonesian Republican Army. The Republican Army then crossed out the Dutch Army mark on the back of the watch and engraved its own mark. This is the origin of the scratches on the back of some of the “Twelve King Kong” antique watches.

In addition, for a variety of reasons, there are very few completely original 12 diamonds on the market. One of the most important points is the after-sales maintenance service in the UK. The maintenance of the “Twelve King Kong” belongs to the scope of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME). As a practical military watch, the after-sales standard is certainly not as high as the current watch, as long as the watch can be put back to normal operation. It doesn’t matter if you can stay the same. Therefore, in this process, a large number of non-original miscellaneous parts were loaded into the “Twelve Diamonds” by the watchmakers. For example, the luminescent materials containing radium were replaced by helium, and the marks on the dial and the case were also changed. A mess. As a result, even experienced collectors often make a lot of fog when identifying these antiques.

So what is the value of these watches? In fact, in those days, “Twelve King Kong” was not a cheap commodity like the ordinary military watch, but it had a certain value because their production was really too small. In nominal terms, this is a large-scale distribution of supplies to the military. However, only a few artillery officers and communications personnel, such as the artillery officers and communications officers, are qualified to wear them. This is considered a “noble product” in the military watch.

Of course, it seems that the value of “Twelve King Kong” is not exactly the same because of the difference between brand and output. For example, Omega’s style is relatively high (about 25,000 pieces), so the current circulation price is relatively cheap, almost 20,000 yuan can receive a piece; Cyma is the same, its output is about 20,000, plus brand awareness The reason is that only about 10,000 yuan is about to start. However, another brand, Grana, is the opposite, because its output is extremely low, only 1,000 to 5,000 pieces, the price is rare, and the current market price has already rushed to 100,000 yuan! For many collectors who want to collect the “Twelve King Kong” series, the pressure is even greater to complete their dreams.

However, many watchmakers of the “Twelve King Kong” are now aware of the value of these military watches, and have made some reissue versions ,such as the IWC and Longines and so on. But for the watch fans who really love this thing, the real antique watch can bring the original feeling of emotion. Imagine wearing this riddled watch on your hand as if listening. It tells the war and the smoke that lasted for decades, and the sense of history carried by it is not comparable to the modern replica.

In fact, in many cases, our collections must be based on the need to look at the time or to preserve the value of the investment. Instead, we appreciate and collect the history and stories contained in it, and experience the emotions and vicissitudes of life. This is the significance of playing antique watches is also the true value of the “Twelve King Kong.”

Finally, pay tribute to all the heroes who have made outstanding contributions to the anti-fascist war!、

Geneva Exhibition Is Also Forsaken

In 2018, the exhibition that was said goodbye by many famous watch brands was not only the Basel exhibition. The two independent watch brands in the Geneva Watch Fair – Richard Mill and Audemars Piguet also announced that they would withdraw from the 2020 Geneva Watch Fair.

Richard Mill said in the announcement: “Participating in the Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Salon (SIHH) is no longer in line with our exclusive and selective distribution strategy. 2019 will be the brand’s last participation in the Geneva Watch Fair, we are deeply impressed, Unfortunately, Audemars Piguet also said: “The brand will open up new directions in the future and strengthen more direct communication and contact with global guests and watch lovers.”

The simultaneous withdrawal of the two giants is not only due to dissatisfaction with the SIHH organization, but also a new international consumption trend: in the rapid development of Internet commerce, Internet communication is more and more frequent, and today, the watch industry is more inclined to face directly. End consumers, not through third parties, we can also see that the role of third parties has become weaker.

The Basel and Geneva exhibitions have been held!

The Swatch Group will withdraw from the Basel exhibition. Richard Miller and Audemars Piguet will also bid farewell to the exhibition in Geneva in 2020. These heavy blows have caused great damage to the two major watch exhibitions. After the wounds, how to reform and save themselves, Has become the meaning of the title.

In this regard, the two major exhibitions also threw out their solutions on December 18 this year: from 2020, the Basel and Geneva exhibitions will be adjusted and will be held together from April to May! The 2020 Basel Watch Fair will be held in Basel, Switzerland from April 30th to May 5th, while the SIHH Geneva Watch Fair will be held in Geneva from April 26th to April 29th of the same year. This plan will last until 2024.

For the exhibitors, visitors, media, etc. who participated in the two exhibitions, this change will undoubtedly greatly improve their work convenience, and they can participate in the two exhibitions at one time without having to travel back and forth as before. However, this self-help plan can really save two major exhibitions, or it depends on time to speak.

Sinn Watches

Sinn is a brand that started as a pilot and is the only watch brand from Frankfurt, Germany. But the rise of the brand Sinn was not led by the founder of Sinn but led by Lothar Schmidt, one of the leaders of the manufacturing and design development department at IWC. Thanks to Mr. LotharSchmidt’s commitment to the development and manufacturing expertise and his experience in introducing new technologies and materials, Sinn has created many miracles. The Sinn brand is designed for German professionals, including border inspection teams, firefighters, divers, deep-sea examiners, pilots, tankers, bankers, etc.

The latest mechanical chronographs are used in peacekeeping forces, and their advanced functional design is increasingly being watched by watch fans around the world. With the Swiss ETA movement, the waterproof, magnetic, high and low-temperature resistance are leading the world. Sinn’s patented technology is breathtaking and adds brilliance to German precision manufacturing technology.

In 1994, the founder of Sinn, the man named after the company in his name, sold his life’s work achievements to the current president, Lothar Schmidt, at the age of 78. The new owner was originally an executor of a watch company and was one of the leaders and developing leaders of the manufacturing sector in the prestigious Swiss brand IWC. With his expertise in development and manufacturing and his experience in introducing new technologies and materials, his advice and commitment to development have laid the foundation for the company’s future development. This is a young brand among many watch brands, and everyone is surprised by a series of technical reforms that have attracted the attention of experts and a large number of growing customers: a diving watch made of stainless steel is filled Silicone oil and can work at any depth you want.

An exclusive observatory chronograph is made from the complete 22K gold, but the hardness is just like stainless steel. An observatory’s magnetic field protection function can be 20 times higher than the standard and provides a particularly powerful shock suspension system for the movement. In addition, one style is filled with inert gas and a matching dehumidification tube to provide ideal moisture protection for the core. A watch is combined with lubrication and error technology so that the mechanical watch can provide the correct time in the temperature range of -45 ° C ~ +80 ° C. The development of the EZM series has been exhilaratingly offered to various special units or units of the German military police. Each new watch provides consistent evidence of Sinn’s unique requirements, showing how to be a leader in traditional watch manufacturing: a company must constantly become a forward to technology and can be implemented at watchmakers.  

Omega Sea Master Series Diving Men’s Mechanical Watch

Today, I will recommend two Omega Seamaster series diving watches for everyone. I hope everyone likes it! First of all, let’s take a look at the Omega watch brand. Omega is an internationally renowned Swiss watch brand, which is loved by people all over the world and has a good reputation! The quality and performance of the watch are very good, and it is not too late. Let’s look at the watch!

Omega Omega-Hippo Series Men’s Mechanical Watch

300m chronometer watch, steel case with a steel bracelet. Features: Swiss official observatory certification, date display, exhaust gas valve, limited release, screw-in crown, transparent case back, crystal mirror, round double-sided anti-reflective anti-wear sapphire crystal. Case steel case, black dial, waterproof 300 m (1000 ft) size, case diameter 41 mm. Omega 2507 coaxial movement with a “bullet” decoration on the pendulum, with automatic rotation. Self-winding chronometer watch with the rhodium-plated surface. Power reserve 48 hours power reserve.

In 2011, Omega upgraded the entire sea master marine, universe family. Like every previous Ocean Cosmic watch, the new model features a one-way rotating bezel and a helium-filled valve that is water-resistant to 600 meters and is ready to explore the underwater world with you. The new Omega Seamaster Ocean Cosmic Watch is a perfect blend of the stunning seascape of Capri, Italy. Each new sea master series of marine cosmic watches is equipped with Omega’s self-produced coaxial movement and silicon hairspring, which is accurate and reliable. Therefore, Omega provides four years of after-sales service guarantee for each of these watches.

Omega-Hematoma series Men’s mechanical watch sea master AQUA TERRA chronograph, steel case with leather strap, features: 24-hour two-time time zone display, timing function, date display, screw-in crown, two-way Rotating bezel, Swiss official observatory certification, small seconds dial, transparent case back, crystal mirror, round double-sided anti-reflective anti-wear sapphire crystal case steel case dial white waterproof 150 m (500 ft) Case diameter 44 mm movement Omega 3603 automatic winding coaxial chronograph movement, equipped with longitudinal wheel timing device and cardless balance spring, with more durable precision and stability. The 24-hour hand can indicate the second time zone. 12 hours and 30 minutes timing small dial, start/stop button, zero buttons. The surface is rhodium-plated and finished with gold-plated engraving. Awarded the Swiss Official Observatory. Power reserve 52 hours

I don’t know if you like these two series of sea master watches. The favorite watchers are not just heartbeat, you have to act!

Omega Watches Are Generally Cheaper _ Where To Buy Omega Watches Cheaper

Omega is a Swiss watch brand. Omega’s price ranges from 10,000 to 50,000. There are mechanical, automatic machinery, quartz, and other movements. Most quartz watches are women’s watches. There are fewer men’s watches, but I believe most of them. watch friends are interested in mechanical watches, Omega’s logo is very interesting, is a resistance match, Omega is not a top watch brand in the watch, it is a luxury, high-end watch brand. I will recommend the Omega watch to everyone! Let’s talk about where to buy a watch is cheaper!

Omega Omega-Hippo Series Mechanical Men’s Watch

Movement type machinery, automatic machinery, movement model Cal.2500 Power reserve: 48 hours, shell material steel, steel, dial width 41mm, dial thickness 10mm, lugs 20mm, crown screw-in, mirror material sapphire crystal, Dial diameter 40mm-45mm, case bottom cover is not transparent, dial shape is round, dial scale bar, other, dial color black, strap material steel, steel, strap color silver, buckle type folding buckle, function Date display, swatch for men’s watch, launch year 2011, special function date display, diving watch, big three-needle, observatory certification, luminous, waterproof depth 300 meters, million watch price: 24300 yuan

This watch is very swatched for men. It is stylish, casual and workable. It is waterproof 300 meters, convenient for daily life, and can swim freely. In terms of quality, this watch is certified by the Observatory, so the machine The accuracy of the performance of the core is great, you deserve it!

Is it cheap to go to Japan to buy Omega?

Go to Japan to buy two Omegas in parallel: Kameni and JACK ROAD. Kameji is on the third floor of Nakano Broadway at 5-52-15 JACK ROAD, Nakano, Nakano-Ku, Tokyo.

The so-called parallel goods refer to the Japanese regular licensed goods, which are imported from outside Japan, and are the original goods of Omega. The quality is the same, and the international warranty is the same. Buying Omega in Japan will be cheaper than buying it in China! However, Xiao Bian reminds, carefully distinguish between true and false, to prevent being cheated!

Omega Brand New Sea Master Universe 600 Meters Diving Watch

I went to see Omega’s new products some time ago, and I really didn’t know what to do when I left. Omega has produced a lot of new products this year, and the real thing is better than the picture. This year, Omega launched a new model from the constellation, sea master, super tyrants, and butterfly flying. The ones that impressed me the most should be the super fighter and the sea master.

 sea master series marine universe 600 diving watch

Super Series “Apollo 11” 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Watch Moonshine 18K Gold

 This year’s Super Series “Apollo 11” 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Moonshine 18K gold re-enacted a specially designed Super master watch BA145.022 released by OMEGA in 1969, the appearance basically retains the original The version of the design made some adjustments on the material and movement.

Another special feature of the Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Limited Edition is the use of blackening and laser engraving at 9 o’clock to show the pattern that Buzz Aldrin is about to embark on the moon. It’s quite interesting.

Today I mainly want to share with you the sea master series of marine universe 600 meters diving watch.

 Omega’s sea master 300 meters diving watch last year was quite hot. This year, the hot iron was new, the material was adjusted, the timing function was added, and the new sea master 300m diving watch was launched. In addition, the sea master series of marine universe 600 meters diving watch has also been updated, a total of two models, one of which added the timing function.

 Why do you want to single out the sea master series of marine universe 600 meters diving watch? After all, I look at it a lot.

1948 Omega’s first sea master series was born

In 1957, the sea master 300m diving watch was launched.

  Compared with the sea master series 300 meters diving watch, the sea master series marine universe is big progress, appearing later. In 2005, the high-end models of the sea master series were launched, becoming a new generation of luxury diving watches.

    At the time, the first generation of the sea master series of marine universes had three models. The bezel was still made of the aluminum bezel, with orange and black colors. The movement was equipped with a 2500 movement. At the time, this design was also laid. The classic shape of the sea master marine universe. To be precise, the first generation of the sea master series of the marine universe used the third-generation 2500 movement.

The second generation of the sea master series of the marine universe changed to a ceramic bezel and 8500 movements, the back also used a back through, and also launched a women’s watch.

The biggest change in the third generation of the sea master marine universe is the upgrade from the 8500 movements to the 8900 movements. This movement is Omega’s first METAS-certified Master Chronometer to the Observatory movement.

From the above we also know that the first generation of sea master series of the marine universe used orange elements at the time, this year’s eye-catching color is back. The orange bezel of the first generation of the sea master marine universe was made of aluminum, but this year’s new model uses an orange zirconia ceramic scale ring. This material is now being patented, with a special texture and the first color. The generation is redder and the color is warmer. The scale on the bezel is also made of white ceramic and covered with a luminous coating.

Previously Omega used LiquidmetalTM and enamel bezel scales, LiquidmetalTM scales will be darker, white enamel scales will be brighter, no fading.

  The Omega Seamaster Series Ocean Universe (male) has a blue, gray and black dial, but the white dial is still the first (male and unlimited). The dial is made of white zirconia ceramic. The Arabic numerals on the top are also made of orange. The end of the central second’s hand is also painted with orange lacquer. The dial looks bright but not customary.

 In addition to the three-needle model, the sea master series of the marine universe has a new chronograph. This new watch is specially made up of a ceramic-titanium dial with a special color and texture.

Omega’s sea master series of marine universe new watch bracelet is a series of the classic three-section bracelet, the link between the links is Omega’s special chain-axis system, there will be no loose situation. The buckle is Omega’s patented push-pull adjust watch buckle, which is convenient to use.

The other is an orange-grey “NATO” striped strap that is perfect for summer.

Finally, let’s talk about the price issue that everyone cares about. Omega’s new watch will be sold in the flagship store in October. The three-needle model of the steel belt is 48,500. The striped three-needle watch is cheaper, it is 46000.

Omega Blue Sea-Watch Introduction

I believe that there are still many friends who don’t know how much money the omega blue sea watch is, so here are some related content for everyone, then the following

Omega Blue Sea Watch Price

Brand: Omega Omega

Name Omega Seahorse Series Ocean Universe “Blue Sea Blue” Watch

watch diameter: 45.5mm

Origin: Switzerland

Release date: October 2017

Price: 84000RMB

In the mid-1980s, ceramics began to be applied as a new material to the watchmaking process, and the leader in the innovation of this new material was the Swatch Group. The ceramic material is hard, its hardness is six times that of stainless steel, and it is corrosion-resistant, oxidation-resistant and wear-resistant. It is especially swatched for creating an adventurous style. The Omega Hippocampus series is a model of adventurous spirit, and the addition of ceramic materials has injected unlimited possibilities into this series.

The application of ceramic materials can not be achieved with light creativity. The processing difficulty of ceramics should not be underestimated. It is necessary to master the skilled craftsmanship to make ceramics ideal. Omega has always been committed to excellence in ceramics. Last year, Omega launched the hippocampus series of the marine universe “Deep Black” watch, which was made from a single piece of ceramics and was popular as soon as it was launched. This year, Omega once again used a whole piece of ceramics to create a new watch, creating an extraordinary timepiece that combines GMT and diving functions – the hippocampus series of marine universe “Blue Sea Blue”.

The hippocampus series of marine universe “Blue Sea Blue” watch with bright blue color as the main color, with orange rubber decoration, such a bold and fascinating color collision also requires technical support. The change of color of ceramic material is an extremely complicated technology. The coloring of the new Omega Seamaster Series Ocean Universe “Blue Sea Blue” watch needs to be dyed in the early stage of ceramic powder, and only after strictly following each step of production can it be presented. The ultimate fascinating blue.