Omega: The Movement 50 Years Ago Is Back!

If the fans choose to “resurrect” a famous movement, then the Omega 321 movement must be one of them. Since the 1940s, this precise and elegant chronograph movement has been highly sought after and is still the target of many watch collectors around the world. Today, Omega announces the re-emergence of the classic 321 calibers, which has successfully “revived” this iconic movement more than 50 years later.

Original Omega 321 movement

The original 321 calibers are known for its ingenious design. In 1957, the first Omega Speedmaster watch was equipped with the 321 calibers. In fact, this movement was first installed in several Omega sea master series watches. The 321 movement uses an integrated column wheel, which is very demanding on the fineness of the movement structure and the watchmaking process. Therefore, this classic design also greatly enhances the technical value of the movement, making it popular with watch collectors.

The Oujia Superbike series ST 105.003 is equipped with this movement through the rigorous testing of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), making the Super master watch the only one allowed to participate in all NASA manned space missions. The watch, accompanied by astronaut Ed White, performed the first “spacewalk” mission in the United States. Omega’s first watch on the moon – the Speedmaster series ST 105.012 is also equipped with this classic movement.

In order to accurately reproduce this prestigious classic movement, Omega has established a team of experts consisting of researchers, developers, historians, and skilled watchmakers. The entire project took more than two years and was kept strictly confidential. The team even named the project “Alaska Plan 11” (Alaska 11), which was the code used by Omega in its cooperation with NASA in the 1960s and 1970s.

Based on the second-generation 321 calibers, Omega has conducted extensive research on its historical data and original design to restore the movement structure as accurately as possible. In addition, Omega also used the tomographic imaging technique to study the Super master ST 105.003 watch worn by the Apollo 17 astronaut Eugene “Gene” Cernan in 1972. Eugene Cernan is the last man to land on the moon, and his Super master watch is housed in the Omega Museum in Bill (Bill). The 321 caliber on this watch provides an important technical reference for engraving. As a result, the new 321 caliber is able to accurately restore the unique and iconic design of the original movement to pay tribute to the moon landing history of the Omega Speedmaster.

Raynald Aeschlimann, President, and CEO of Omega Global said: “We are very happy to see that the 321 movements are loved by many watch fans. In 1968, Omega produced the last batch of 321 movements, but about this machine. The discussion of the core has never stopped, which is enough to prove how special it is. Therefore, Omega has put a lot of effort into recreating this movement to meet the wishes of the fans, and we are full of excitement.

The new 321 calibers will begin production at the Omega headquarters in Bill. The difference is that the entire production process of this movement will be carried out in Omega’s 321 movement workshop. The assembly of each movement, as well as the assembly of the watch case and strap accessories, will be produced by the same watchmaker. In the coming months, Omega said it will continue to share with the fans the latest developments and information about this movement.

Omega’s sudden announcement of this move today is a stone-shattering, causing an uproar in the bezel. But in fact, think about it, this move is also expected.

40,000 Price Annual Inventory, Omega Sea Master Become The Biggest Winner

The last time the 4W price was a million-dollar person, but today’s 4.5W annual sales volume of the top ten is replaced by Omega. By the way, you have been looking forward to the sea master for a long time, and finally, the king returns!

Omega’s sea master has unmatched popularity and strength at this price point. This sea master AQUA TERRA 150-meter watch continues the tough design, using the iconic “Teak Concept” sunlight ray to polish the lacquered blue dial, giving the dial a sharp, vertical texture.

The watch features a 41.5 mm stainless steel case with a steel bracelet. It is equipped with Omega’s epoch-making 8500-to-coaxial automatic mechanical movement. The movement’s high precision has also been certified by the Observatory to withstand super-magnetic fields above 15,000 Gauss.

This sea master is really too good to sell, even if it is the same color, there are many Omega watch fans rushing to buy. The same is the AQUA TERRA 150-meter watch, but this color is fresher, the white dial retains the vertical lines reminiscent of the teak deck on the luxury yacht, the large blue hour and minute hands and the Arabic numerals of the dial Correspondingly, the second hand is replaced with a bright lemon yellow.

The style of the watch is simple and clear, so it is often worn by society on the golf course. Even if you don’t play golf, it can withstand the extremely strong anti-magnetic performance above 15,000 Gauss so that you can wear it without any pressure to play mahjong.

Since most of the listed Omega’s different colors of the sea master, the clockwork fish does not distinguish between colors. Let’s take a look at this good dish that is also sold. This watch has a bright and bright dial. In addition to the bezel made of 18K yellow gold, the six diamond hour markers are dotted with a sun-rayed champagne dial on the ring-finished ring, plus a brown crocodile belt. A splendid sight.

The watch is equipped with a 2500 coaxial movement that is also certified by the Observatory. After chrome plating, the oxidation resistance is effectively improved and the full chain provides 42 hours of power reserve.

At this price, I finally saw the brand of the four major movement manufacturers appear for the first time, and Zenith took the lead. This commander’s women’s watch is made of white mother-of-pearl, which makes the watch show a soft and feminine color, and it can show the gentle side of women. The disc surface is extremely simple, using the rhodium-plated willow-shaped hour and minute hands and the blue steel seconds hand to indicate the time, and the 6 o’clock position is a beautiful moon phase window.

As for the movement, you can rest assured that you can see the name of Zenith. This women’s watch is equipped with an Elite 692 self-winding movement with a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour. On the backside, you can clearly see the big five-pointed star that is fascinated by the hollow swaying on the automatic oscillating weight.

This 18K yellow gold Happy Diamonds watch is cleverly designed with transparency and light and shadow to create an amazing effect, which has made countless women so fascinated that it is hard to find on the market.

Sea Master Tour New York

This watch comes from Omega and is a very special “special” series of Omega.

It is it – the Omega Sea-master Series New York special limited edition watch.

Just recently, Omega released the special limited edition watch of the sea master series in New York, which is consistent with the world’s greatest city.

This watch is limited to 399 pieces and is only available in New York’s omega (Big Apple). Each watch has its own number. This watch is to pay tribute to this city that never sleeps. Sexual city skyline, through the back of the watch, can be seen through the Caliber 8800 caliber certified by the Observatory, laser-engraved New York landmark building;

These include the Statue of Liberty, the Manhattan Bridge, the Waldorf Astoria, the Rockefeller Center, and the Empire State Building; the charm of this limited edition watch is in the details, not just the skyline.

The Grey dial has a slightly dome-shaped and lacquered finish that accentuates the gradient. The date window is at six o’clock, the date wheel matches the color of the dial itself, and the Omega logo and time index are made of white gold.

This watch collection is based on the sea master collection and is designed for five global central cities; it is available in five editions in Paris, London, Singapore, New York, and Switzerland, and features a signature dial for each cultural capital.

Capturing the spirit of the “world capital” is not an easy task, especially in the “space” of only 39.5 mm.

But this “New York” has achieved great achievements in a small space.

In addition to the obvious skyline, platinum and subtle touch enhance the low-key charm of this limited-size sea master in New York. The dial is elegant and stylish, and it reminds everyone of the fog that first came to New York.

It is easy for people to build deep feelings and affinity for the city. Is there any better way to wear it than to wear it?

The urban version is very special in the modern sea master series because they draw on the aesthetics of the 1940s. Over time, the sea master series has become the most important “pillar” of the Omega brand. Designing such a city version allows us to see it most. Elegant bloodline.

This sea master New York version only produced 100 at first, but considering the geographical location it represents and it is loved by people, it has achieved 399.

Omega Watches Are So Cattle, Rolex May Be Passed.

Omega, a watch brand full of talks. It is the only watch brand that has landed on the moon and is used in all US space missions. Since 1932, it has often become the official timer for the Olympic Games, including the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Over the years, regardless of the market conditions of the watch market, Omega’s sales have always maintained a top position.

This remarkable achievement is due to the fact that the Swiss watch brand born in 1848 has a history of 169 years of watchmaking, and as early as 1905, it produced the world’s highest quality mass production precision movement. – Omega 19-Gate DDR. Later, Omega became the watch brand of the British Royal Flying Force and the US Army and set a world record of precision.

In modern times, Omega’s performance in the watch industry is equally remarkable. Its patented coaxial handling technology solves the lubrication problems that have plagued the world watch industry for centuries. This technology allows it to quickly catch up with Rolex’s movement manufacturing standards.

Omega’s pursuit of perfection makes it more than just performance and perseverance, but also a culture and spirit. Man, you should have an Omega!

Omega Watch True And False Identification Method

Nowadays, all famous watch brands will have fake watches, and Omega, which is a well-known Swiss watch brand, is no exception. Now there are a lot of Omega replicas on the market in China, which makes many friends who want to buy real products scared. So what is the best way to identify the true and false Omega watches?

Omega watch true and false identification method

1. Is the mark clear and profound?

Omega watches, especially k-gold watches, have more logos on the case, such as the pattern of the balance, the 18k or 750 marks, the dog head of St. Bona or the head mark of the goddess of the country, these marks Both are very small and clear, and the fake watches are often large and fuzzy.

Second, is the production serial number consistent?

Each Omega watch has a unique “ID card” number, which is the serial number of the case. It is usually engraved on the back cover of the watch, or it is an 8-digit number behind the back of a claw on the watch. If it is a mechanical watch, the 8-digit production serial number will also appear on the edge of the movement splint. The production serial number of the case is the same as that of the movement.

The production serial number of the real watch is engraved, very deep and very clear. If it is engraved on the back cover of the watch, it will also coincide with the arc of the back cover of the watch, that is, the numbers are also arranged in an arc shape. False watches are generally horizontal and straight. The production serial number of the currently produced Omega watch is engraved behind a certain claw position, and the number is engraved very small and dense. This method cannot be imitated by the fake watch.

Third, is the pointer flat and bright?

The soft underbelly of the counterfeit watch is on the pointer. Don’t look at things small, but it’s not easy to do. The surface of the Omega watch is very bright and very flat. The shape is regular and slender (especially the second hand). The night on the needle and the color on the dial are the same. If you can make a comparison, it is not difficult to find the difference.

4. Is the identification of the strap clear?

If it is a metal strap, there will be some marks on the strap’s discount. There must be a strap number. The logo of the fake watch is generally lighter and rougher. This place is not good at the craftsmanship. Do, fake watches are often exposed here. If it is a K gold watch, the buckle of the strap must also be K gold. It must also be marked with K gold. Nothing is gold-plated. Recently, some Omega watches with belts have been found. So, at least it is not the original strap.

5. Is the character and lacquer on the dial normal?

The character of the dial should also be unconventional and the surface should be bright. If it is a diamond, first it should be a natural diamond, while the fake watch generally uses “water diamond” and it is bigger than the real one. The lacquer on the dial, including those letters and lanes, should be very clear and shiny, and the fake watch is dull and fuzzy. The words of SWISS MADE should be at the bottom of the dial at 6 o’clock, and the aperture of the glass is tight. The letters of the fake watch are printed higher.

6. Is the warranty card of the watch complete?

Omega watches usually have 2~4 guarantee cards (depending on the model), they are all dark red, and they are the same size as credit cards. The number of the watch (the model number, the production serial number, the movement number and the blue stamp with the seller) is printed on it, and it corresponds to the watch one by one. The contents of the guarantee card: including international guarantee, precision timepiece certificate, natural diamond guarantee and watch function guarantee. False watches often have a number that does not correspond, the function does not correspond and there is no seller blue chapter.

Commemorating The 50th Anniversary Of The First Human Landing On The Moon

Friends familiar with OMEGA know that this year is destined to be an extraordinary year for the Omega brand. In 1969, the first time in human history, the moon was successful. The Super master series also became the only moon landing watch in history with the astronauts on the moon. To commemorate this great day, Omega not only launched Superman’s anniversary limited edition watch but also held related celebrations around the world. Today, Omega has set up a statue of a golden astronaut up to 8 meters on Wangfujing Street in Beijing’s landmark business district. This golden “Little Golden Man” surprised the media and visitors present, and we went to the opening scene together. Have a look.

 Wangfujing Street, located in the center of Beijing, is 1818 meters in total and is divided into 4 sections from south to north. For many people in the country, visiting Wangfujing and climbing the Great Wall in Beijing is an indispensable agenda. On Wangfujing Street, there are also many watch brands, retail stores and so on. The sculpture of up to 8 meters on Wangfujing Street is also of great significance to the Omega brand. It tells the visitors about the super-hegemony and the story about the moon landing.

  The golden astronaut statue is said to have been transported to Wangfujing Street the day before the unveiling ceremony. It is known that the sculpture of up to 8 meters is said to be several tons. Transportation and handling is a very difficult process. In addition to Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, and other cities will also stand up in the iconic buildings and business districts to hold the statue of Omega Golden Astronauts.

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the success of the moon landing, Omega launched the anniversary commemorative value of the Super master series watch, also announced that it will restart the 321 ace movement this year.

Omega’s super limited series anniversary limited edition series launched this year “Apollo 11” moon 50th-anniversary watch

In 1969, to celebrate the first human feeding of the moon, Omega introduced a super-master watch and presented it to astronauts participating in the NASA space program. In 2019, Omega, based on the 1969 celebration of the successful landing of the human race, launched a new super-master watch to commemorate the golden anniversary of the 50th anniversary of the first human landing on the moon. This watch is limited to 1,014 pieces and is equipped with an Omega 3861 manual winding to the 臻 Observatory movement.

Omega Speedmaster Series “Apollo 11” 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Watch

This new Super master series is limited to 6,969 pieces. Inspired by the radiant moment of the Apollo 11 mission to the moon, this watch features a number of unique features, crafted with the new Moonshine 18K goldsmith. What is particularly striking is that the small dial at 9 o’clock shows the image of Baz Aldrin climbing down the ladder to the surface of the moon, while the back of the watch highlights the footprints of the astronauts and the legendary classics of Neil Armstrong.

The Omega Golden Astronaut sculpture aims to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first human landing on the Golden Moon and pays tribute to the pioneering spirit of the Omega Speedmaster is the human landing on the moon. “Golden man” will soon be landing in Shanghai, Nanjing, Chongqing, Changsha, Harbin and other cities. You are welcome to bring your family and friends, wear a super-master watch, and leave a precious photo in front of the golden astronauts.

Which Grade Are Omega And Iwc? Which Is Better For Omega And Iwc Watch?

There is a question: “Give you 50,000, what watch would you buy?” I summed it up after reading the message, mainly divided into two camps: Omega and ICW. The voices of the two watch brands in this price range are the highest. So which is the highest level of Omega and ICW? Omega and ICW which is better? Next, we will analyze and discuss.

How about Omega watches?

Omega is a famous watchmaking brand in Switzerland. It was founded in 1848 by the founder Louis Brant. The logo of the brand is “Ω”, which is the last letter of the twenty-four letters of Greek. Perfection, excellence, and achievement. Omega’s watches are of good quality, both in appearance and function, which are satisfactory to the wearer, and therefore have a good reputation in the industry.

In 1848, watchmaker Louis Brandt opened a watch installation factory in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. Thirty-two years later, Louis Brant’s two sons designed a 19-caliber movement and gained industry recognition. The 19-period movement was a strong shot for the development of watch technology in the future. Later, one The banker named the 19-caliber movement Omega.

How about Omega watches? Omega watches are sold in 130 countries around the world, and each watch is a wristwatch for modern young people. Omega watches are involved in a wide range of industries, have gone through space, and traveled to the moon; they have also become the designated timepieces of the Olympic Games. They have helped the Olympic athletes on the field; they have been on the big screen and become the wrist equipment of the British gentleman James Bond.

How about the watch of the IWC?

The IWC was founded in 1868 and has a history of 149 years. The founder, Florentine a.jones, is an engineer in Boston, USA, who founded the oldest mechanical watchmaking factory in Switzerland on a factory in the Rhine. The place where the watch is established is called Schaffhausen, and the history of watches and clocks in the local area can be traced back to the beginning of the 15th century, which is 459 years earlier than ICW. In 1868, ICW launched the first pocket watch. Since then, the country has stood out in the Swiss watch industry and has also emerged in the world of watchmaking.

The style of most watches of IWC is more tough and masculine than other watch brands. That is because in World War I and World War II, IWC watches provided military troops with a watch that can improve combat efficiency, while in the back design. The watch produced also continues this style. If you look carefully, you will find that the watch in the country is very keen on using a small dial, which is also special for IWC.

Omega and the United States which is better? In fact, this question itself has no answer, both are world-famous watch brands. Each has its own good, but no brand is perfect, only the one you like is the best.

My Omega Sea-master Series Tour

For a long time, most Chinese people like jade wen wan. Gradually, more and more people like watches, even if the price is generally higher than wen wan. It is a pleasure to buy a watch. After a long period of exploration, inquiry, choice, entanglement, and hesitation, I finally decided to buy the Omega Hippocampus 2504.30.00 men’s mechanical watch in my mind. All this seems to be complete. However, after purchasing this watch, I found out that this was just the beginning.

The more you understand, the more you understand, the watch is actually consumable. In our use, it is constantly depreciated. In order to allow it to “serve” for a longer period of time, I need to maintain it regularly, even on a daily basis. When you wear it, you need to be careful.

The Omega Hippocampus Warranty has an expiration date, and most brands are currently covered by a two-year warranty, including quartz watches and mechanical watches. To a certain extent, quality assurance also reflects the brand’s confidence in quality. In 2014, the Omega Hippocampus series developed the quality of the movement and launched the certification to the Observatory. The warranty for the new Observatory certified watch was increased to 4 years. It is a good thing for us to improve the warranty period. After all, you can enjoy a longer warranty service time, which means that your watch can get up to 4 years warranty, which means you can save a lot of money.

Omega Seahorse

Purchase this Omega hippocampus series, the information and accessories are complete, including the above two certificates, proof of a quality/certificate of origin and warranty card. The former is a very important anti-counterfeiting mark. All the fake watches can imitate the appearance of the brand watch, the movement and even many details. Nowadays, many brands integrate the quality certificate and warranty service card together. When you buy a watch, you can activate it and enjoy a series of brand free services.

Today, the most important dozens of watch brands in the watch industry are mainly distributed among several groups, such as Lifeng, Swatch, Kaiyun, Rolex, Seiko, Citizen, and Guangcheng watches. Each group has its own After-sales regulations, different brands under the group will be slightly different. Omega hippocampus series is no exception. Generally speaking, the warranty covers several aspects, that is, the brand does not provide warranty on the appearance of parts, depreciation of normal use, damage of the movement’s non-self quality problems (such as man-made, accident, force majeure factors). Wait). Most brands only provide warranty for the movement. In addition, there are some additional clauses. For example, if the waterproof watch does not perform the waterproof test within the specified time, then if there is a problem, the warranty service will not be provided. Therefore, when you buy a watch, it is best to understand the attached quality assurance instructions so that you can identify the rights you have.

How do you like this Omega hippocampus series? Whether it is quality or appearance, it is my heart.

With The Strong Dialogue With Rolex, What Does Omega Rely On To Reverse The Situation?

This year is the 20th anniversary of Omega’s coaxial escapement technology. This technology has become the gold-plated sign of Omega. Almost all of its models are listed, and it is also the basis for Omega’s “Assured Observatory Certification”. One of the most significant breakthroughs in the field of mechanical watchmaking in the past two centuries. Today, let’s talk to you about this technology.

Speaking of Omega, you have to mention its main rival Rolex. After the quartz crisis, every dialogue between the two seems to have stabilized the euro. However, after the development of several black technologies led by the coaxial escapement, Omega has gradually acquired the capital that challenges Rolex’s dominance. The comparison between the two is no longer a one-sided situation. Its significance can be imagined.

In fact, the coaxial escapement technology was first invented in 1974. The name of the person who created this technology was George Daniels (1926-2011), a British watchmaker. He was once considered a treasure. The most important watchmaker after 玑. However, people at the time did not seem to understand the advantages of this technology. George applied for six years to obtain a patent. At the same time, he is also trying to sell this technology to watch companies such as Patek Philippe, but no one cares about him, because at that time, the quartz trend is prevailing, everyone feels that this coaxial escapement has no future. In this way, George ate a nose gray.

But in the 1990s, with the revival of mechanical watches, George’s invention began to usher in spring. Nicholas Hayek, the head of the Swatch Group, was eye-catching and realized that the coaxial escapement had great potential for development and immediately took the shot and won the patent. In 1999, Omega launched the new Butterfly Fly, whose movement was modified from the ETA 2892 and was equipped with a coaxial escapement for the first time. This movement was named 2500 movement. Once the new product was launched, it caused a sensation in the watchmaking world and successfully seized the headlines of the day.

The reputation of the coaxial escapement is inseparable from its technical advantages and is inseparable from Omega’s superior marketing methods. Omega has been committed to making it a milestone in the history of mechanical watchmaking, emphasizing that it has changed the traditional lever escapement for more than two hundred years; at the same time, Omega is also paying attention to the details of the promotion, such as The name of the technology, co-axial, is aimed at catching up to ensure the degree of transmission. Under the promotion of internal and external co-power, the promotion of coaxial escapement has been extremely successful, greatly enhancing the brand reputation of Omega.

After the trial in early 1999, Omega continued to make great strides in the improvement of the coaxial escapement. Today, its products have basically covered this technology. The principle is not complicated to explain: from the structural point of view, the traditional escape wheel is a gear, and the coaxial escapement is composed of two or three layers of gears, which share a shaft. So it is called Co-Axial. In the operation of the coaxial escapement, only the tip of the tooth is in point-to-point contact, while the conventional escapement has friction and contact between the face and the face. Thus, compared to the conventional model, the friction generated by the coaxial escapement is significantly reduced and less susceptible to damage.

However, the shortcomings of coaxial escapement are also obvious, that is, its requirements for the precision of parts are too high. For the traditional Swiss lever escapement, the interaction between the balance wheel, the pallet fork and the escape wheel is a matter of moments. In about 0.1 seconds, the escape wheel and the escapement fork need to be in quick contact. , passed by. If the actual size and design dimensions of the two components are slightly different, it will affect the distance between each other and cause it to malfunction. The coaxial escapement structure is more complicated, and the allowable tolerance range is only half of the traditional lever escapement, so it is very difficult to achieve mass production. In the beginning, Patek Philippe and Rolex and other big manufacturers let George eat closed doors, but also consider this factor. Omega has also paid a lot of prices to overcome this defect, such as the famous 2500 stealing incident, which has caused adverse effects on the brand’s reputation at that time.

Compared with Omega’s bold attempt, the old rival Rolex has been slow and cautious in this regard. Over the years, they have only made some adjustments based on the traditional Swiss lever escapement, gradually applying some new materials, while slightly improving the aesthetic design. Omega, on the other hand, has achieved a competitive advantage in mechanical innovation with its bold coaxial escapement technology. Now it seems that Rolex is also the time to force, or there is a real risk of being caught.

For now, the only Defy Lab series that can surpass the coaxial escapement in terms of innovation. In this series of products, Zenith revolutionary eliminated the components such as the balance spring, balance wheel, and pallet fork, all of which were replaced by a thin flat silicon wafer with a frequency of 15 Hz. If mass production is possible, It will be the most accurate watch on the market today. However, in essence, Zenith directly removes the parts that may cause problems, rather than trying to transform them. In contrast, George, who developed the coaxial escapement, is undoubtedly more like a traditional watchmaker. It is this lack of “temperature” and “feelings” that makes people’s passion for this technological innovation of Zenith not. high. (And Zenith seems to have trouble in terms of mass production)

Up to now, Omega’s coaxial escapement technology has been continuously improved. The bold investment of the year has finally harvested the sweet fruit. While celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Coronal Embarrassment, I also expect Omega to continue to bring us more surprises.

With the use of meteorites as dials, only Omega can do it

Many people may not know that the current aircraft is no longer the same as before, and it needs to be driven by a watch. However, the pilot watch has not stopped production because of this. On the contrary, more and more people are beginning to like to be obsessed with the pilot’s watch. Today, the clockwork fish said 10 models, poisoned to the pilot watch of countless men.

The US “Apollo Moon Landing Program” is a miracle in the history of mankind, and Omega’s Super master series watches have participated in all six human missions to the moon, becoming a real lunar watch with powerful diamagnetic and Stability makes the world eye-catching. The unique thing about this watch is that only Omega can make such a dial. The dial material is taken from a slice of Gibeon meteorite that fell in the Namibian region in prehistoric times. The texture of the Weidmann pattern resembles a ribbon, and each piece is unique.

And this watch is very memorable. In order to commemorate the successful docking of the American Apollo spacecraft and the Soviet Union spacecraft on July 1975, and all astronauts wore the Super master watch, the two steel ships on the back of the watch were also engraved with two spaceships. Picture. This watch is only available in 1975 pieces worldwide, and the 1975 lettering on the back of the watch is clearly visible.

This dark brown leather belt watch is representative of Zenith’s early pilot watch, and the clear indication is a must-have for all pilot watches, so the watch’s black matte dial uses huge Arabic numerals. With a satin black enamel metal super luminous paint pointer. Super onion crown is easy to adjust to the wearer at any time

The watch’s case is polished and polished to give a strong metallic feel. At the same time, the Swiss civil aviation registration code “HB” and the watch serial number are engraved on the side. The huge pilot font on the dial clearly illustrates the pilot’s watch. The back of the watch is designed with a dense bottom, and the bottom of the watch is engraved with the medallion pattern of the Bleriot plane.

. This watch is also equipped with a variety of straps to choose from, the fish personal preference for the Navitimer aviation bracelet, to ensure the durability and improve the fit, the tough guy can consider starting, look very domineering.